Supplying Dental Expertise

The Heartland Supplies Team Is Here to Offer Recommendations and Valuable Expertise to All Heartland Doctors and Teams

"The preferred product and lab lists really represent the ‘next practices’ approach for our doctors in choosing supplies and labs to provide world-class care to their patients."

Anna Singh, DMD

To say that Heartland Dental Care’s Supplies Department is experienced would be an understatement. The team is made up of five wonderful ladies with a combined 51 years of dental experience. They’ve been Dental Assistants, Business Assistants and two are Registered Dental Hygienists. These ladies are well versed in every aspect of dental supplies and equipment utilized in our offices.

Supply Team Graphic

“It seems only right that the Supplies Team would be staffed by individuals who have worked in the daily operations of a dental office,” said Chad Thompson, Vice President of Administration. “Because of their experience, they are able to offer recommendations to our offices, instead of just taking and placing orders. Their expertise is beneficial when doctors are considering material choices as they are familiar with the various product characteristics to aid with multi-faceted ordering decisions,” Thompson explained.

The Supplies Team is responsible for setting up accounts with vendors for all Heartland offices. By facilitating and processing orders on each office’s behalf, the Supplies Team alleviates the hassle an office would normally encounter when ordering clinical and office supplies. In addition to the day-to-day office operations the Supplies Team handles, they also work very closely with Heartland’s Education Team to ensure the preferred products are available for continuing education courses.

Supply Team

The Supplies Team

Back row, left to right: Michelle Kennedy, Tonya Hanna, Hillary Wendling Front row, left to right: Cari Rodman,Amy Kroeger

Cari Rodman, the Supplies Team supervisor, explained, “Our goal is to provide Heartland Dental offices with the best possible products and equipment at the best possible prices. We work on behalf of the 280-plus dental offices within the Heartland organization to investigate, analyze, negotiate and acquire the necessary dental materials required to provide exceptional care to our patients.”

It was the Supplies Team’s hands-on approach that resulted in the Heartland preferred product list that doctors rave about. The preferred product list contains brand name products from vendors such as Dentsply, Kodak, Kerr, Discus, Tulsa, Colgate and many more. “Our Clinical Directors and top offices play a critical role in identifying and testing the products on our preferred list,” said Thompson. “Our confidence level in a product has to be 110% before it makes the preferred list.”

“Heartland’s preferred product list covers an array of items, such as anesthetic, acrylics, cements, gloves, impression materials and much, much more,” said Rodman. “This preferred list is ever changing as we encounter new and improved products and feedback from our doctors.”

One of the immediate benefits Heartland affiliation doctors experience when they join Heartland is their decreased supplies expense. “Nationally, offices spend 8% or more of their budget on supplies; Heartland offices average 4%,” said Rodman. “We pass our negotiated savings directly onto our offices allowing them to save 20-30% a year on supplies and equipment.”

In addition to the preferred product list, the Supplies Team also offers a preferred lab list for offices to take advantage of. According to Rodman, it’s no easy feat to be considered one of Heartland’s preferred labs. “We continually challenge and evaluate our labs to make sure they are meeting our doctors’ objectives — quality, quick turnaround time and competitive pricing,” she said. “The volume of business that Heartland brings allows us leverage when negotiating with labs.”

Heartland’s preferred lab partners offer more than meets the eye. Thompson explained, “Our preferred lab partners also offer tremendous support in training, keeping us abreast of new dental lab technology. In fact, our Aesthetic Continuum experience wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of our preferred lab partners.”

"We pass our negotiated savings directly onto our offices, allowing them to save 20-30% a year on supplies and equipment."

Cari Rodman

Heartland’s preferred product and lab lists are made up of products and services that have been reviewed, tested and approved by Heartland’s Clinical Directors and top offices. Dr. Anna Singh, Clinical Director at Heartland, explained, “I use these products and labs day in and day out at my dental office, Cane Ridge Dentist. The preferred product and lab lists really represent the ‘best practices’ approach for our doctors in choosing supplies and labs to provide world-class care to their patients.”

Knowing they have educated a doctor on a new product or service or helped that doctor provide better care to their patients provides great motivation for the Supplies Team. In the end, they’re available to offer their dental supply expertise help in any way they can.