The Apex of Communication

Printing Service Simplifies Print Recare Process for Heartland Practices

We live in a modern, technologically advanced world. Email, texting and social media are institutions now – and thanks to smartphones, iPads, laptops and a host of other go-anywhere gadgets – people can communicate any time, with anyone from nearly anywhere.

At Heartland Dental Care, these technology trends have not gone unnoticed. With the implementation of innovative communication technologies in each practice and new initiatives in social media marketing and communication, Heartland is continually taking steps towards the future. However, the world hasn't become completely digitized just yet, and not every dental patient relies on email or texting as a primary form of communication. That's why Heartland is employing the practical APEX™ Print Technologies to provide a print recare solution that benefits both patients and practices.

Essentially, the APEX™ solution will assist in streamlining the recare process. Those patients who aren't relying on text messages or emails as a preferred communication method will continue to receive a printed card in the mail detailing appointment confirmations, reminders and reactivation information. In addition, the APEX™ system is designed to help practices send recare cards to patients in an accurate, timely manner.

"Implementing APEX™ in our offices has greatly benefited not only patients, but practice team members as well," said Connie Snyder, Director of Client Services at Heartland Dental Care. "With APEX™, not only do patients still receive the important information they need, but the process is greatly simplified for practices – saving them time and money."

The APEX™ system is designed for precision and timeliness, so it fits right in with Heartland's objective of ensuring all patients are being taken care of properly. With the hectic schedules of a dental practice, patients can sometimes become "lost in the shuffle" so to speak. With APEX™, practices can greatly reduce the number of lost patients by consistently delivering helpful recare information.

"From a time management and accuracy standpoint, APEX™ has been amazing, enhancing our team efficiency and alleviating the workload."

Eric Smith, DDS
practicing dentist at Whittaker Road Dental and Brownstown Dental Care in Michigan

Dr. Eric Smith of Whittaker Road Dental and Brownstown Dental Care elaborates. "From a time management and accuracy standpoint, APEX™ has been amazing, enhancing our team efficiency and alleviating the workload. More importantly, it's very beneficial to our patients. Let me put it this way, if a patient 'slips through the cracks' and fails to receive dental care that's vital to their health, we are doing a great disservice to them. This system practically eliminates the chances of that occurring, so our patients' health and best interests aren't compromised."

Perhaps most significantly impacted by this system is the Business Assistant (BA) position. Before the application of systems such as APEX™, the Business Assistant was primarily responsible for the recare process. Add that on to an already hectic schedule of organizational duties and attending to patients, and the workload can pile up. With APEX™ helping them simplify their recare work, Business Assistants can spend more time assisting patients and tending to office duties.

"APEX™ recare saves our BAs a great amount of time. Instead of spending time printing and mailing, they can focus on other tasks such as helping patients and making the practice more efficient," said Todd Swim, Practice Administrator at Sullivan Family Dentistry. "We all know how busy our BAs are on a daily basis, so anything that can be taken off their plate helps them do what they do best – serve the patient – and that ultimately helps the practice."

With the advantages of APEX™ print technologies, practice recare worries will become a thing of the past.

"In order to communicate best with our patients, it's necessary for Heartland to progress continuously from a technological standpoint – and we have. APEX™ is a prime example of that progression," said Snyder. "By eliminating print recare hassles, we can remove some of the challenges that our practices have to deal with – in turn, helping them concentrate more time on providing optimal patient care."