Path To Victory

With Heartland's Support, Dentist Continues His Victorious Ways


Right out of the gates, Dr. Seth Gibree was off and running. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Samford University, and then receiving his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, Dr. Gibree had prepared for the challenges ahead.

After graduating from dental school in 2001, Dr. Gibree practiced in Hapeville, Georgia and Alpharetta, Georgia, before starting his own practice, North Georgia Smiles, from scratch in 2004. Since then, he has made quite the name for himself as a dentist - appearing on radio and television, writing many articles for publication, serving as product evaluator for numerous dental companies, lecturing on important topics in dentistry and speaking at schools across the country.

In addition, Dr. Gibree has taught at the well-known Productive Dentist Academy created by Dr. Bruce Baird, a fellow Heartland affiliate. He has also been heavily involved in Dentaltown, serving on its editorial board and acting as a website moderator for a number of years. It was in his role of moderator that he first heard of Dr. Rick Workman and the aspirations of Heartland Dental Care.

"I saw an online thread about group practices and what Dr. Workman was doing with Heartland, and in early 2004, a group of us from Dentaltown met with him in Las Vegas," said Dr. Gibree. "When I was fully introduced to Heartland's progressive mentality, I immediately knew I would fit in with their vision. In 2004, I became one of the first Consultant Clients in the company. In December 2010, I officially affiliated with Heartland."

Since Dr. Gibree's office was already applying many of the same innovative ideas as Heartland even before affiliating, the practice's transition into Heartland in 2010 was quite easy.

"I can still be a leader in making decisions for my practice, but the process has become much more streamlined and simplified now that I'm working alongside Heartland."

Seth Gibree, DMD
of North Georgia Smiles in Cumming, Georgia, affiliated with Heartland in 2010.

"I was fully aware of the advantages of affiliating with Heartland, so that made the transition process much easier," Dr. Gibree said. "My practice was already introduced to many of the systems and techniques that Heartland employs, so the transition was seamless."

For Dr. Gibree, affiliating with Heartland couldn't have come at a better time. The stress of dealing with nondentistry issues such as administrative tasks and the decreased time to focus on dentistry was beginning to take its toll on him. With Heartland's support, however, he was able re-align his priorities.

"Before affiliating with Heartland, the headaches of being a dentist and running an office simultaneously was becoming a problem," said Dr. Gibree. "Heartland's support in a number of key areas such as supplies, client administration and so on has definitely reduced some of the strain and allowed me to focus more on dental care and my patients. I can still be a leader in making decisions for my practice, but the process has become much more streamlined and simplified now that I'm working alongside Heartland."

With Heartland alleviating the pres- sures of practice management, Dr. Gibree has now found balance in both his personal and professional lives.

"Having more balance at the office has allowed me more time for personal commitments, such as spending time with my family. I also participate in triathlons, so I have more time to prepare for those as well," said Dr. Gibree. "Affiliating with Heartland has also helped me pay down my debt, which with the state of the economy over the last few years - it's definitely a plus to relieve that stress."

Dr. Gibree's successes in dentistry have been remarkable, and with Heartland's assistance, his path of victory continues to extend.

"Heartland is a great organization with a great mission that is carried out by great leaders," said Dr. Gibree. "Dental service organizations can carry a stigma of solely concentrating on the money, but at Heartland, it's truly about emphasizing patient care with proven systems that work. I wouldn't have it any other way."