In Sync

Guest Speakers at 2011 Partnering for Excellence Help Dentists Find Their Rhythm

Dance partners Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers often left their audience mesmerized as they rhythmically moved with grace and precision across the floor. While they are considered one of the most famous partnerships in history, they were also independently known as skillful dancers. Fred and Ginger teamed up in the 1930's and their impact grew more dramatic throughout the years. Their incredible footwork and seamless movements were amazing separately; however, they were also in top form as partners.

  • Michael Miyasaki, DDS
    Clinical Director at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

  • Robert Ritter, DMD
    Editorial Board Member of REALITY, PPAD and the Journal of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • John Miller
    Author of the QBQ! The Question Behind the Question book series

Much like Fred and Ginger danced together for the pleasure of their fans, dentists at Heartland Dental Care partner with each other to share ideas regarding clinical efficiency, leadership skills, productivity and advancements in the dental industry. As skillful as these dentists are solo, they're even stronger working together - what a benefit for their "audience": their patients. Newly affiliated dentists quickly identify these networking opportunities and are attracted to the extensive accessibility of support. This partnering expands into the realm of education through a new course offered at Heartland, Partnering for Excellence.

The three-class series is designed for Heartland's newly affiliated dentists as well as those whose longevity with the company extends beyond four years. Topics are geared towards helping attendees take their clinical and leadership skills to another level through interaction with guest speakers, dentists and company leaders. As with Fred and Ginger, all parties will benefit from the partnering.

The 2011 Partnering for Excellence lineup is one worth watching. In August and September, participants in the first course heard about principle-based dentistry from Dr. Michael Miyasaki. His experiences in live-patient treatment programs, product research, advanced protocols and creating educational models for the future have given him a unique perspective on the dental industry worldwide. Dr. Miyasaki's message focused on bringing information to dentists and teams, allowing them to provide high quality and predictable treatment experiences for their patients and enhancing their practices' success along the way.

Dr. Robert Ritter teaches the second course in the series taking place in October and November. Promoting aesthetic dentistry as part of mainstream dental care, Dr. Ritter shares advances in products, techniques and research of aesthetic dentistry. He strongly believes continuing education is the best means of staying on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing world of cosmetic dentistry and shares innovative ideas on implant dentistry, new materials, joint-based dentistry and digital technologies for the modern dental office.

The clinical focus continues in December and is accented with a keynote message as Heartland Dental Care partners with John Miller, renowned author of bestsellers, which focus on personal accountability. In this concluding course, held in conjunction with the annual December gathering of company dentists, Miller will challenge participants to practice personal accountability through the elimination of blame, complaining and procrastination by asking the question "behind" the question.

Miyasaki, Ritter and Miller are just a few of the names on the Heartland doctor dance card. As with dynamic dancers Fred and Ginger, partnership brings out the best in the Heartland team.