Keys to Unlocking Your Potential

How Group Practice Management Provides the Right Solution for Dentists

EVERY DENTIST aspires to build the ideal practice from the ground up, assemble the perfect dental team and practice dentistry on their terms. In today's world, however, accomplishing this task on your own has become increasingly difficult and downright overwhelming. That's why so many dentists and practices turn to group practice management and companies such as Heartland Dental Care.

Heartland provides the necessary keys to unlock the chains that weigh so many dentists down and prevent them from achieving their ideal situation in dentistry.

Key #1
Educational Opportunities

In order to offer optimal patient care, maintaining a perpetual student mentality is critical. With demands and techniques in dentistry evolving every year, today's dentist needs to stay well versed in new trends and technologies to stay ahead of the curve – which is a major factor of why so many dentists choose group practice management. The continuing educational opportunities Heartland provides are second to none, helping dentists and team members progress their clinical, communication, technology, patient relationship and leadership skills.

"The first-class, advanced education dentists receive at Heartland is unrivaled and one of the foremost reasons dentists choose us," said Nancy Pals, Director of Recruitment. "From the annual Doctor Leadership and Doctor Dental University series to the esteemed speakers such as Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. George Bruder and Dr. Karl Koerner, Heartland's educational curriculum is an invaluable resource for new and tenured dentists alike."

Key #2
Alleviation of Non-Clinical Issues

Ideally, all dentists want to focus on dentistry, not running a business – after all, that is what they chose to pursue in school. However, when running a practice, the need for business elements such as hiring, marketing, accounting, ordering supplies and other administrative tasks inevitably arises. With group practice management, these issues are lifted from practices' shoulders. At Heartland, dentists and their teams have access to a number of professionals ready to assist with these business matters, allowing them the freedom to concentrate on the most important aspect of dentistry - patients.

Key #3
Access to Innovative Technology and Resources

"The camaraderie between our dentists is remarkable - like a family. If one of them has a clinical challenge, there's a host of other dentists ready to help out, and group practice management makes that possible"

Justin Wendling

Director of Development at Heartland Dental Care

In addition to the administrative relief dentists receive, those who take advantage of group practice management enjoy other valuable resources also. Heartland dentists practice with the latest state-of-the-art technology and facilities to efficiently and effectively serve their patients' needs. These technologies include the Biolase ezlase™ 940 and Kodak™ digital x-rays, among others. Dentists also receive cost savings on supplies from preferred vendors. Besides business assistance, practices have access to Heartland's network of tenured, successful dentists, who provide one another with mentorship and support in a variety of clinical and operational opportunities.

"Heartland's resources provide dentists access to innovative dental equipment and keep them well versed on emerging trends in dentistry," said Justin Wendling, Director of Development at Heartland Dental Care. "In addition, the camaraderie between our dentists is remarkable – like a family. If one of them has a clinical challenge, there's a host of other dentists ready to help out, and group practice management makes that possible."

Key #4
The Best long-Term Exit Strategy for Dentists and Their Employees

Every dentist faces retirement at some point, and issues such as selling their practice for a fair price and worrying about the future of their team members can make the process overwhelming. However, Heartland simplifies this transition. Dentists are not only able to realize the equity of their practice, but they can also start planning a long-term exit strategy that best fits their individual situation. Dentists need not worry about the well being of their team members either; their jobs can securely remain in the Heartland family.

Key #5
Environment of Success that fosters Job Stability and a Rewarding Career

Speaking of job security, that's another fundamental reason why dentists choose group practice management. They're attracted to Heartland's recurrent growth and success, which in turn, provides job stability for both dentists and team members. In addition to job security, doctors and team members earn an excellent income (annual average of $225K for new dentists, $416K for the top 25 percent of dentists) and benefits.

"We address all our dentists' individual needs and create a customized solution for each that best serves their goals and priorities," said Pals. "We seek to accommodate their wishes, so if a dentist is looking to practice in a certain area, we do what we can to make that happen."

Unlock Your Potential and Experience the Difference

Many dentists have taken advantage of the growth and prosperity these keys can provide. New dentists are given the chance to kickstart their careers and already successful dentists get the opportunity to take their practices to heights they never thought possible.

Doctors Mark Hodge and Robert Mongrain of Berkshire Dental Group are prime examples of dental industry leaders using Heartland's keys to access unlimited personal and professional potential.

Partnering since 1990, Dr. Hodge and Dr. Mongrain have shared most of their dental careers. During their 21 year venture, they outgrew two previous locations prior to building their current facility in 2003. It was an easy decision to open Berkshire Dental Group together eight years ago to continue their trend of success. After many years of experiencing success on their own, their interests were peaked when they began to hear about the ambitions of Heartland Dental Care and the benefits of group practice management. In March of 2010, they (and their seasoned dental team of 14) officially affiliated with Heartland.

"Having Heartland's support has been like having a personal trainer at the gym – you see better results; they've helped coach us to do what we've needed to do all along."

Mark Hodge, DMD
Clinical Director at Heartland Dental Care and practicing dentist at Berkshire Dental Group in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I've always felt that dentists practicing together in a joint community was better than practicing alone on your own island; that fell right in line with Heartland's mentality," said Dr. Mongrain. "After being introduced to Heartland by Dr. Samson Liu, Heartland's Vice President of Clinical Affairs, and meeting Pat Bauer, Heartland's President and Chief Operations Officer, it became very clear that we were philosophically on the same page when it came to patient care. After completing several guest speaking engagements with Heartland and witnessing the genuine fellowship, support, and mutual respect of Heartland's culture – it felt like a 'dental fraternity' that I wanted to be a part of," said Dr. Hodge.

As they affiliated Berkshire Dental Group with Heartland, Dr. Hodge and Dr. Mongrain took advantage of Heartland's practice management support to further build upon their success. "Previously, we struggled with how to expand our practice from a management standpoint, but Heartland's emphasis on doctor leadership and dedication to accomplishing patient care goals, team development goals and creating a network of the best minds in dentistry has helped us elevate our practice even higher," said Dr. Mongrain. "There's much less weight on our shoulders when it comes to business matters.

"The transition has been nothing but positive; Heartland has held us accountable to our core values and treatment philosophy that we aspire to," said Dr. Hodge. "Having their support has been like having a personal trainer at the gym - you see better results; they've helped coach us to do what we've needed to do all along and find the right path to continual progress."

The HDC affiliation has also allowed them to pursue other passions in dentistry. Dr. Hodge and Dr. Mongrain have each made great strides in the field of dentistry in other areas. Dr. Mongrain is heavily involved in dental education, including lecturing and consulting for CAD/CAM dentistry, the E4D CAD/ CAM crown system and other dental manufacturers, and is a faculty member at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

"The synergy of the clinical support with the economies of scale is changing patient lives and our lives as practicing dentists for the better."

Robert Mongrain, DMD
practicing dentist at Berkshire Dental Group in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Dr. Hodge has become well known for his outstanding work with Invisalign™. First certified in 2002, his passion for orthodontics has lead him to become one of the top Invisalign™ providers in the country, completing more cases in Oklahoma than any other dentist and achieving the status of Elite Premier Provider.

"After practicing for several years, I became frustrated that most adults did not want to pursue orthodontic treatment in order to better preserve their restorative care. With Invisalign™, however, we found a means to solve that problem – to provide high-tech orthodontic care to adults and teens in a way that better suited their modern lifestyles. Once we decided to move in that direction, Invisalign™ increasingly became a major marketing point for our practice and it's served us quite well as a practice growth strategy," said Dr. Hodge.

His expertise has also allowed him to join some of the best dental minds in the country as a Heartland Clinical Director. "Becoming a Clinical Director for Heartland has given me the opportunity to help others take the same path to Invisalign™ success we have. In addition, I love being able to introduce Invisalign™ to new practices and help lower the hurdles for young dentists as they pursue their goals for lifetime dentistry through Invisalign™ orthodontics."

It's clear that Dr. Hodge and Dr. Mongrain's success in dentistry is a direct result of their passion, determination to progress and dedication to doing what's best for their patients. Combining that with Heartland's dedication to patient care and embracing the valuable keys that group practice management offers, these two dentists will continue unlocking the doors to success.

"After practicing for so many years and investing so much time and money in the practice, I was somewhat fearful at first to turn it over, however the results of affiliating with Heartland have been more positive than I ever thought possible," said Dr. Mongrain. "The synergy of the clinical support with the economies of scale is changing patient lives and our lives as practicing dentists for the better."

So now that you've read about the advantages gained in group practice management, ask yourself this – "Are Heartland's keys the answer I've been searching for?"