A Message from Our President

Why Be Good When You Can Be Great

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins explores how good companies become great companies and identifies the methods they use to achieve greatness. After an in-depth study on 11 companies over 15 years, Collins explains the steps they took to reach the next level of success, including developing level five leadership (blending personal humility with professional will) and building the right team.

The components of success that Collins sets forth are things that have always been priority to us at Heartland Dental Care. Since the beginning, HDC has sought to separate itself from other companies by not only encouraging team members to be leaders, but by teaching them how.

Patrick C. Bauer
President and Chief Operations Officer at Heartland Dental Care

The companies in Collins’ study all had what he calls “level five leadership.” In this class of leadership, Collins identified leaders who were extremely humble, while also very driven and proactive on a professional level. They were committed to driving their organization to the top, but didn’t see themselves as the sole cause for that success.

Collins also concludes that leaders aren’t born, they’re created. HDC holds to the belief that we can develop leaders, and ultimately level five leadership. It’s definitely our goal to develop level five leadership, but we understand there is a process to do so. That’s why HDC takes every opportunity to help our employees cultivate their leadership skills through communication courses, mastery courses, Bell Leadership training and more.

Before these companies determined their business strategy, they ensured the right employees were in place. By building a strong team, these companies relied on the skills of many to move forward, not just the abilities of a select few. Similarly, HDC has created a solid foundation by hiring individuals who are talented, optimistic, committed and most important of all, open to personal and professional growth.

I would echo Collins in saying, “It’s not really that much harder to be great than good.” With the right leadership mentality and the right people on board, that extra step between good and great can be taken.