In Perfect Harmony

Business Development Representative Roger Childerson Helps Dentists "Live the Dream"

Since its inception, Heartland Dental Care has been helping more and more affiliating dentists practice on their terms each year. This is possible largely because of HDC's Affiliation team. To make these connections, the Affiliation team travels near and far, educating dentists on the advantages HDC offers and customizing solutions for their individual needs.

Business Development Representative Roger Childerson has been with the HDC Affiliation team since 2007. Previously, Roger gained over 20 years' experience in sales and management. With his motto "living the dream", Roger uses the communication, business and leadership skills he has honed to help dentists across the country "live the dream" as well

"This role allows me to positively affect the lives of others. Many dentists are searching for a way to find stability in their lives, advance their skills and focus more on dentistry. HDC can offer that," said Childerson. "I'm one of the first points of contact for affiliating dentists, so it's important that I give them the best understanding possible of what we can do for them, their team members and their dental office."

"This role allows me to positively affect the lives of others. Many dentists are searching for a way to find balance in their lives, advance their skills and focus more on dentistry. HDC can offer that."

Roger Childerson
Business Development Representative at Heartland Dental Care

Roger seeks out dentists who are interested in affiliating with HDC in a territory that spans from Illinois to Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. While communicating with these dentists, Roger determines if affiliation will be the right choice for both the dentist and HDC.

"When working as Business Development Representatives, we need to be excellent communicators with excellent people skills. We also need to be completely fair and impartial," Childerson explained. "Having an extensive knowledge of HDC is also a necessity. We need to be able to explain in great detail how our company works in every aspect, from our affiliation process to our Home Office support. Dentists who are looking for a new opportunity, exit strategy or alleviation from non-clinical matters in their office want to know how HDC can help them. We talk with them about the support HDC offers so they can make an informed decision on whether we're the right choice for them."

The Affiliation team's purpose is to create relationships that benefit both HDC and affiliating offices, and to locate dentists that share HDC's philosophy. As this occurs, both parties win. HDC continues on its path to success and affiliating practices gain access to a number of benefits, including support, stability and continuing education.

"When identifying offices that are the right fit, the team considers a number of factors. We look for our affiliating dentists to be open, positive and mentally flexible. They need to possess a strong desire to practice and be committed to doing what's best for their patients," said Childerson. "Every situation is different. Not every dentist has the same goals and ideals, so we seek to build affiliation programs that accommodate their specific desires."

"It's an exciting time to be a part of the Affiliations team. We've added several new representatives to our team and are continuing to expand on our goals each day," said Childerson. "I look forward to helping more and more dentists find personal and professional harmony so they can make their dreams a reality."