Starting Out Strong

HDC Doctor Recognized in Dentaltown Magazine

The team at Dental Group of Springfield

Dr. Jeff Whiteside joined Dental Group of Springfield after graduating from the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in 2009. Since then, he has taken huge steps as a dentist in just a few short years.

Recently, Dr. Whiteside was interviewed by Dentaltown Magazine about his continual growth as a young dentist and the success he's found with Heartland Dental Care. The article titled, "The Heart of a Network," describes his initial interests in the dental industry, his student to dentist and the career head start he has received with HDC's advantages.

"I'm truly proud of what I've been able to accomplish the last few years at Dental Group of Springfield with the support of the other doctors, team members and HDC."

Jeff Whiteside, DMD
practices at Dental Group of Springfield in Springfield, IL. He started practicing with HDC in 2009.

"Being featured in Dentaltown Magazine has been a great experience," said Dr. Whiteside. "Not many dentists have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and accomplishments on such a large scale, so I'm grateful to have had the chance. I'm truly proud of what I've been able to accomplish the last few years at Dental Group of Springfield with the support of my fellow dentists, team members and HDC."

The article explains how Dr. Whiteside became interested in healthcare early on, and why that choice was eventually narrowed down to dentistry. Dr. Whiteside also outlines how HDC has helped him build upon the skills he learned in dental school.

"I first considered a career in health care during high school. It was around that time that I began job shadowing at a local dental practice. I quickly realized that dentistry could provide me exactly what I was looking for, such as stability, the ability to serve my community and time to spend with my family," said Dr. Whiteside. "Even before I graduated dental school, I knew HDC was the best fit for me after hearing the advantages they offered. In addition to enhancing my clinical skills, I feel it's important for me to be a leader, communicate effectively and inspire others. From being a part of HDC and working with the other dentists at Dental Group of Springfield, I've developed these skills in ways I never thought possible."

While only practicing since 2009, Dr. Whiteside has already shown a level of commitment and focus well beyond his years. With his continual desire to learn, he is poised to become an outstanding leader in his office.

"With HDC, I know that I have the support I need. Along with the other dentists in my office, we make the decisions, but I know that help is just an email or phone call away," Dr. Whiteside explained. "I have the tools I need to be the best leader I can be."