Common Myths about DSO's


The Misconceptions of DSOs and the Truth about HDC

Two big reasons why dentists become dentists in the first place are for the opportunities to take responsibility for the health of others and to become a leader for their dental teams. So for many dentists considering affiliating with a dental service organization, fear of losing control can be a concern. They wonder, Will I still make the clinical decisions? Will I direct and guide my team? Will I be the leader of my office?

At Heartland Dental Care, affiliated dentists find that the answers to all of these questions are always “yes.” They make all the clinical decisions for their patients and direct their teams.


With HDC...

  • Affiliated dentists make the clinical decisions in their offices: With the non-clinical support and continuing education to advance their skills and knowledge, affiliated dentists have even more time to focus on patient care and enjoy opportunities to practice dentistry on their own terms.
  • Affiliated dentists determine what supplies they want to use: Because HDC has relationships with a wide variety of prominent vendors in the dental industry, affiliated dentists choose from many different brands of supplies based on their personal preferences. In addition, HDC negotiates discounts on supplies―usually around 30 percent off the normal cost―to help affiliated offices save money.
  • Affiliated dentists lead and build their teams: When dentists and their team members communicate well and fully trust one another, they provide a higher level of care. In building their teams, HDC-affiliated dentists actively take strong leadership roles to help team members develop and grow.