From the Heart

Rick Workman, DMD
Rick Workman, DMD

Founder and CEO of Heartland Dental Care

A Message from Dr. Rick Workman, Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Often in dental school, dentists are taught that they can either provide quality work or be economically successful―but not both. However, in the dental industry today, that’s simply not the case. Dentists really can have the best of both worlds.

At Heartland Dental Care, we alleviate many of the business pressures faced by dentists each day, allowing them to focus on providing quality patient care. HDC provides non-clinical assistance in these areas, but we also support dentists in learning about team building, leadership, the business side of dentistry and the importance of these factors in creating successful offices. Our philosophy allows affiliated offices to focus on patient care and enjoy success in the process.

Through continuing education and proven systems, HDC supports affiliated dentists and team members in learning the necessary steps to ensure stability, growth and success. Using the HDC model, affiliates can often be found:

  • Leading, training and empowering their teams. When team members trust one another and work well together, they not only meet the highest standard of care, they also increase success in their offices. At HDC, dentists take a leadership role, setting an office vision and guiding team members while letting them grow on their own. Having a motivated, receptive, fully utilized team is key.
  • With technology in dentistry constantly advancing, dentists can no longer afford to fall behind. The more skills dentists have, the better clinicians they will be. As new methods in sedation, oral surgery, periodontics and cosmetic dentistry become mainstream, dentists who embrace a student mentality can provide a higher level of care to their patients and offer a wider range of services, again increasing their success. In addition to improving clinical skills, learning to communicate effectively benefits both dentists’ personal and professional lives. Without effective communication, dentists can’t properly lead their team or completely meet their patients’ needs. At HDC, our world-class continuing education gives dentists the tools they need to develop these skills and lead their practices.

The quality vs. success debate is a myth. With the right skills, support, mindset, and leadership, dentists can achieve successful, productive offices while being fully committed to quality patient care—they truly can have the best of both worlds!