Common Myths about DSO's

The misconceptions of DSOs and the truth about Heartland Dental

High-quality continuing education is one of the most beneficial aspects of affiliating with Heartland Dental. Each year, thousands of affiliated dentists and team members advance their knowledge through clinical and leadership offerings, such as Dr. Leadership, Bell Leadership, the Aesthetic Continuum and more. But these opportunities are offered, not required. Affiliated dentists choose to participate in CE offerings and are free to explore outside educational opportunities.

Common Myths

With Heartland Dental…

CE offerings are optional. While Heartland Dental certainly recognizes the importance of ongoing advancement and supports a variety of courses, affiliated dentists ultimately choose how, when and if they want to be involved.

Affiliated dentists further their education on their terms. The courses supported by Heartland Dental are not the only continuing education options available to affiliated dentists. They are free to explore outside programs and courses on their own. For example, many affiliates complete an FAGD or MAGD through the Academy of General Dentistry. Additionally, Heartland Dental assists with this process and seamlessly submits the CE hours to the AGD.

CE opportunities are not limited to only affiliated dentists. Team members, including hygienists, dental assistants, business assistants and office administrators, also have access to a number of excellent programs designed to advance their skills and knowledge.