Growth Through Education

Affiliated doctor facilitates passion through Heartland Dental

"Education leads to trust. Trust leads to more patients," a close friend and patient once told Dr. Randall Weisel of Family Dentistry of Largo in Largo, Florida. Though the friend originally meant more new patients through his door, Dr. Weisel found a deeper meaning. For him, the statement became a foundation for a whole philosophy on success. Understanding comes from educating oneself and others on a topic, and that understanding yields confidence in the decisions we make. Dr. Weisel believes that when we trust our own decisions, we have the patience necessary to reach our goals. Since his decision to affiliate with Heartland Dental in May 2013, he has discovered new ways to continue his education, and, as his philosophy would predict, he has already surpassed several personal and professional goals.

"I may sound like a Heartland Dental guy; that is because I am. I really love the access to other colleagues instead of looking at each other like competition. There's a camaraderie and an eagerness to learn from one another."

Randall Weisel, DDS, MPS, FAGD

Randall Weisel, DDS, MPS, FAGD
practicing dentist at Family Dentistry of Largo in Largo, Florida

Dr. Weisel initially spoke with Heartland Dental when transitioning an auxiliary practice. The timing and fit just weren’t right. Eight years later another connection was made, and this time things were different. His sister, who had been driving a long commute to work at his office, affiliated with a Heartland Dental team closer to where she lived. Dr. Weisel remembers, "I found it ironic because I had spoken to Heartland Dental in the past and over the years saw the growth. Then, Lori affiliated with them. That put them back on my radar. I then contacted the affiliations team with Lori urging me to at least investigate it."

Educating himself on the opportunity led to his decision to affiliate, and he is glad he did. "I've been very, very happy. There are obviously changes going from solo practitioner to an affiliate, but nothing has been negative or something that I couldn't overcome with Heartland Dental's support."

Remembering the bit of wisdom from his friend, Dr. Weisel trusted that he made the right decision in affiliating. His trust has been rewarded over the first year of affiliation, which he calls "a learning experience." The biggest lesson came in the form of the systems he implemented after attending Heartland Dental training. "Heartland Dental has taken over the roles I was weak in, namely management. The systems truly work, and the support I have received has helped guide us," says Dr. Weisel. The results show. He and his team saw success in tangible ways, exceeding their original goal by double last year.

Dr. Weisel is exceeding goals outside of his dental office as well. His affiliation with Heartland Dental has given him more free time after removing the stresses and demands of managing the office. Like many, Dr. Weisel has spent these newfound hours to pursue hobbies like aviation and sports. He has also devoted this time to an unexpected passion: exploring the connection between dentistry and overall health. "I try to understand and develop strategies by being a leader through passion. This is my hobby now. I love coming to work because I understand what lifetime care is."

Heartland Dental is facilitating his approach. "What we do as dentists--lifetime care--really isn’t just about dentistry. It's about the overall experiences of life and providing systemic health to experience the joy of being pain free. It's not just the dentist or hygienist. It is the overall approach of Heartland Dental from Home Office to the offices. What we do makes an impact."

Heartland Dental is benefiting from Dr. Weisel's passion as well. His motivation to understand the link between oral and overall health has led him to become a near expert in laser dentistry. He is now assisting in courses on the subject and teaching other Heartland Dental affiliates, a step toward his goal of becoming a mentor doctor. For Dr. Weisel, education does not stop at himself or his patients. He wants to reach colleagues with the knowledge he is so passionate about, educating them about dentistry’s role in overall health, laser dentistry and Heartland Dental.

"I may sound like a Heartland Dental guy; that is because I am. I really love having access to other colleagues instead of looking at each other as competition. There's a camaraderie and an eagerness to learn from one another," says Dr. Weisel.

Dr. Weisel plans to continue to educate himself and share his passions throughout his career. Being on both sides of education is central to his philosophy on success. Empowered by the words of a patient and friend, this lifelong learner looks to the future with confidence and patience to keep learning and achieving his goals.