Ask the Specialty Team

Common questions about specialty doctor opportunities answered by Connie Snyder, Director of Operations at Heartland Dental

For 18 years, Heartland Dental has helped relieve the administrative challenges of many supported general dentistry offices across the nation. This year, Heartland Dental has introduced new and unique opportunities for specialty doctors to find the support they need from our proven systems as well.

Connie Snyder
Director of Operations Heartland Dental

Due to the distinctive qualities of specialty offices, we have created a variety of support options that fit the different needs of specialists. While the support model might look a little different, supported specialists still have access to all of the same outstanding benefits that are offered to supported dentists and their teams. If you are wondering what type of support is available to you and your specialty office, Heartland Dental has the answer for you.

Q: What typeof specialists does Heartland Dental Support?


Heartland Dental offers support solutions for orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, and pedodontists. Our administrative support team at Home Office is already equipped with several years of experience in supporting these types of specialists, so we know what it takes to make each unique specialty practice successful.

Q: What type of support do specialists receive?


Supported specialists and specialty offices receive a wide range of non-clinical, administrative support from Heartland Dental’s network of experts at Home Office. The areas of support include human resources, information technology, marketing, payroll, supplies and procurement, accounting, insurance & receivables, credentialing and much more. In addition, supported specialists and their teams have access to several continuing education opportunities, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in their fields. Supported specialists remain the leader of their career and their practice, but without having to worry about the administrative tasks.

Q: What are the different support solutions available to specialists?


Heartland Dental offers four distinct support solutions to fulfill the desires of specialists at all different stages in their careers. These include:

  • Supported Specialist — This option is for dentists who simply want to provide specialty care without the administrative burdens. It provides flexibility and can be customized to fit each supported specialist’s specific career goals.
  • Potential Specialty Owner — Specialists with limited to no experience looking to have ownership in a supported specialty office can choose this option to build the skills they need to become a successful owner.
  • Supported Joint Venture — A joint venture opportunity gives specialists who own or have the desire to own a supported specialty office the ability to focus on what they love without worrying about the administrative aspects of their office. This option also mitigates associateship risks by providing a customized support and transition strategy.
  • Multiple Supported Joint Venture — For ambitious specialists that want ownership in a successful group of supported specialty offices, this option provides the stepping stones to achieve that goal as stress-free as possible. All administrative tasks are handled by Heartland Dental’s team of experts, allowing specialty owners the opportunity to grow a group and still have a transition strategy when needed.