Common Myths about DSO's

The misconceptions of DSOs and the truth about Heartland Dental


Dentists work hard to establish trusting relationships with specialty doctors in their area. They seek out the specialists who have the credentials, experience and skills to provide quality care and treatment. They also want to be sure that the specialists they refer their patients to maintain similar philosophies of care, so that there is alignment throughout all aspects of treatment planning.

Heartland Dental understands how important it is for supported doctors to know that their patients will be in good hands with the specialists they refer to. They want to choose someone they fully trust and can confidently recommend any time a patient may need specialty treatment.

With Heartland Dental…

  • Supported doctors choose the specialists they refer their patients to: supported dentists know their patients’ treatment goals best, so they know exactly what they have in mind when looking for a specialist to refer to. The doctor is the leader of their practice, so they have control over where they’d like their patients to go for specialty treatment.
  • Supported doctors have easy access to recommendations: if a supported doctor is new to the area, or needs a second opinion on the next steps to take in a patient’s treatment plan, Heartland Dental’s vast network of support experts are available for assistance. With the growth of supported specialists, Heartland Dental can provide connections with specialists within our own support network. Supported doctors are also able to connect with the hundreds of other colleagues for advice on who to refer to.
  • Supported doctors make the final decision: Heartland Dental provides endless areas of administrative support, as well as the largest network of supported dentists who can provide clinical advice. Nevertheless, the supported doctor will always determine or decide who they would like to refer patients to for specialty treatment.