The 2015 Dr. Leads Course

An introduction to achievement

Every year hundreds of recent graduates join offices supported by Heartland Dental. As these new doctors enter a new phase of life and jumpstart their careers, it is important they feel comfortable leading their own practices and all their questions and concerns are properly addressed. To ensure that every newly supported doctor feels at ease and understands the core of Heartland Dental, they are invited to attend Dr. LEADS – Learning Essentials for Achieving Success.

New supported doctors head back-to-school every summer with the five-day course offered at The Institute at Heartland Dental, located at Home Office in Effingham, Illinois. This past July, 120 bright-eyed and eager newly supported doctors shuffled into The Institute, pens poised, coffee within reach and ready to absorb all the information that would be thrown their way. Dr. LEADS is designed to introduce newly supported doctors to the foundation of the company and answer any questions they may have about their journey. Attendees also have the opportunity to divulge in a variety of clinical and non-clinical topics that will help them be successful and feel accomplished in the dental office environment.

Doctors took advantage of being at Home Office by touring the building and learning the roles of each department. Dr. Amrita Singh said one of her favorite components of the week was being able to hear from Dr. Rick Workman and other members of the executive team, as well as Home Office department directors. “This is what’s interesting to me. It’s inspiring to hear from Dr. Workman about how Heartland Dental came to be what it is today,” she said. “I loved learning about the mission and vision of the company and what the Home Office employees do ‘behind-the-scenes.’ It brings everything full circle.”

Fred Joyal, founder of 1-800-Dentist was a key speaker at this summer’s event. He spoke on the importance of marketing and gave the doctors tips on how to endorse themselves and their practices using marketing techniques. Social media marketing was the form of marketing he spoke about the most, emphasizing the concept that social media is the new word of mouth.

Attendees are also introduced to a variety of clinical topics and are able to hear from industry leaders. Accompanying this year’s course was Dr. George Bruder, Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Endodontics and Director of the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Endodontics at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and practicing specialty care dentist at Stony Brook Dental. He taught a session on WaveOne Endodontics. Dr. Mark Hodge, Heartland Dental Clinical Director and practicing dentist at Berkshire Dental Group in Broken Arrow Oklahoma was also in attendance to teach a session on Invisalign® Fundamentals. Dr. Hodge has received Invisalign’s highest recognition award of “Elite Invisalign Provider.” He treats more Invisalign® patients than any dentist in Oklahoma and is the state’s only Elite Provider.

Dr. LEADS gives newly supported doctors the opportunity to network with their fellow attendees. Doctors are able to get to know their companions and build relationships with them that will continue outside of the Dr. LEADS classroom. This year a panel of doctor’s from last year’s Dr. LEADS course was present to answer questions from their peers. It’s always an enjoyable experience for the doctors on both ends. The panel gets to share their inside knowledge and it helps newly supported doctors feel more at ease speaking to colleagues who have recently been in their position.

The purpose of Dr. LEADS is to provide newly supported doctors with knowledge they cannot gain in a traditional classroom environment; the education they receive at this course is priceless. They leave Dr. LEADS equipped with the tools and training to benefit themselves, their practices, their teams and their patients.

Dr. Leads