My Selfie Smile

New Heartland Dental initiative gives teenagers a chance at a “selfie-worthy” smile

My Selfie Smile

In the fall of 2014, Heartland Dental introduced an initiative called My Free Smile, a program that allows supported doctors the opportunity to give someone in their community a free smile makeover. With the growth of supported specialty offices, a spinoff brand of My Free Smile has been created. My Selfie Smile is a new program that allows supported doctors who specialize in orthodontics to give a deserving teenager free orthodontic care.

The teenage years are some of the most vulnerable ones. It is a time when children start to make the transition to becoming young adults, and truly begin to discover who they are as individuals and in life. Now more than ever, teens are sharing their lives with the world on social media. And thanks to the ever-popular “selfie,” teenagers are even more apt to share their unique personalities by snapping a photo of their own smiling face. Unfortunately, not all teenagers are proud to show off the smiles they have at all, let alone in photos. What’s more, many families are unable to afford the necessary orthodontic treatment their teens need to achieve a straight and healthy smile.

Our new initiative, My Selfie Smile, gives supported doctors the opportunity to share their orthodontic talents with a teenager in need by providing them with free treatment. Teens aged 13 to 18 years can apply online at to share photos of their teeth and explain the reason they’d like to receive orthodontic care. With a parent or guardian’s consent, the office then chooses a winner out of the list of candidates who applied. The winner will receive the necessary orthodontic treatment he or she needs, along with other gifts and surprises that can be donated by the participating office’s local business sponsors.

By the teenage years, most all primary teeth have fallen out and permanent teeth have taken their place. Unfortunately, not all teens’ smiles develop perfectly straight and healthy. Malocclusion causes teenagers to feel ashamed of their teeth, thus having low self-confidence and fear of showing off their smile. Heartland Dental supported dentists will now have the opportunity to share their talents and resources with teenagers in need through My Selfie Smile, and give them that photo-perfect smile they deserve.