Power of One

Team members reflect on their experience in a Heartland Dental supported leadership course

Heartland Dental is committed to investing in its people through continuing education. Each month, the calendar is filled with opportunities for us to grow ourselves as leaders in our professional and personal lives. One of the most unique courses offered by Heartland Dental is Power of One, a leadership course taught to smaller groups of team members across a span of six months. From January to June of this year, we were fortunate enough to participate in Power of One together at Home Office. By the end of the course, we realized that our own “power of one” can enable us to make a bigger impact than we ever imagined we were capable of making.

Power of One is a course that was designed to help team members understand the importance of building yourself first. Our supervisors nominated us for the course, and starting in January, we met with a group of about twenty fellow Home Office team members once a month. Each month featured a different focus area to build ourselves on. These included the power of choice, the power of teams and the power of listening. During each class, we worked through some of our own personal barriers by connecting with our classmates and discussing ways we can improve ourselves. We created action plans to help us carry out our goals so that we can actually see those changes come to fruition.

One of the requirements of the course, and a way to truly test our “power of one,” was to choose a service project to work on within a small team of classmates. Over the several months of the class, each team worked together to give of themselves to a worthy cause. Our team of six chose a cause that was much bigger than us – our local Meals on Wheels program that was in desperate need of funding.

Through careful planning and many hours spent outside of class, our team partnered with the Director of Meals on Wheels to organize a benefit night for the program. Much to our surprise, the event was a huge success, and we were able to raise over $35,000 for Meals on Wheels through the fundraising event. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the success of our fundraiser. Meals on Wheels is such an important program in our community, and I don’t think we could have experienced that great success without the tools we learned in Power of One,” reflected Tony Runde, IT Office Integration leader and member of our mighty Power of One team.

Thanks to the encouragement and insight gained through Power of One, other teams have completed extremely successful service projects as well. In addition, they have been recognized in their communities for their outstanding contributions. We have learned that we truly do have the power to step out of our comfort zones and make a difference, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others, too. We feel so grateful to be part of such an amazing company that invests in helping us grow in our personal and professional lives. Our team is so proud of what we were able to accomplish this year, and Power of One truly helped us to realize our true potential.

Power of One
Tony Runde, Mike Klauser, Jessica Glaspy, Sarah Lueken, LeAnn Wallace and Crystal Stuckemeyer team members at Heartland Dental Home Office and 2015 Power of One Participants