Family Matters

Heartland Re-Energizes Tenured Doctor and His Family

For Dr. J. Michael Panczyszyn of My Port Orange Dentist, Port Orange, Florida, dentistry has always been a family affair. When he began his practice in the Daytona Beach area 25 years ago, his wife, Linda, was by his side from day one as the office manager. Years of “doing it all” took its toll on the doctor, his wife and their two daughters. “We were looking for a change,” he said about his choice to consider Heartland.

My Port Orange

They quickly found the change they had been looking for after joining Heartland Dental Care in January 2010. “There’s such a difference in our family. The stress we used to have trying to make payroll or worrying about filing taxes—that stress is gone! I certainly didn’t have the enthusiasm I have now. I actually enjoy dentistry a whole lot more,” said Dr. Panczyszyn.

The difference has extended to his entire office. Dr. Panczyszyn attributes improvements in staff morale to the leadership development opportunities Heartland offers. “After attending the leadership seminars, I come back fired up and ready to articulate my vision. I am a better communicator now. Where a year ago I might have found resistance, now I get cooperation. Something must have changed in me because now my team is getting excited too!”

After only a year with Heartland, Dr. Panczyszyn has already developed numerous professional relationships; ones that he says go deeper than any he made during more than two decades in practice on his own. “I never believed there were people out there like the dentists I have met. Without Heartland, I never would have had this opportunity to meet this collective group of individuals, who are so optimistic, supportive and so willing to share and go out of their way to help me. Each one of them has brought something special to me—I’m a better person for having known them.”

“Dr. Workman has created an extraordinary organization and I am sincerely grateful to have this opportunity.

J. Michael Panczyszyn, DDS

“I would be remiss if I did not mention the support I have received from the Heartland organization, outside of all the doctors. Everyone I have encountered has helped me in one way or another— the Affiliation Team, Home Office Support employees, our Practice Administrator, our Regional Director and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing that with all the responsibilities they have, they never hesitate to give my team their personal attention,” said Dr. Panczyszyn. “Dr. Workman has created an extraordinary organization and I am sincerely grateful to have this opportunity.”

Dr. Panczyszyn believes other dentists can be empowered through the Doctor Leadership program offered by Heartland. “Before affiliating with Heartland, I thought I knew what it took to be a leader. However, after attending Heartland’s Doctor Leadership program and spending time with other Heartland doctors, I found that my concept of ‘leadership’ had room for improvement. I have a vision to create something even greater now and HDC is there to help me achieve my goal. It all seems to be coming together.”

While he says he has been busy “reinventing himself” this year, he envisions more room in his life for personal endeavors in the future. “I truly love fishing in the north woods of Wisconsin and years ago I used to fly. Since affiliating with Heartland I can actually see myself being able to enjoy those things again,” he laughed. He looks forward to more possibilities for his wife too: “She is freed up. She has time now to learn things and pursue interests she had put off because of running the business.”

Affiliating with Heartland not only reinvigorated the doctor’s professional life, but it has impacted his entire family. He summed it up, chuckling, “The main thing that has happened—well, you can look at our family pictures to see it. We don’t just look happy, we are happy. You can see it in our eyes.”