Heartland Dental Care 2011 Doctor and Team Member Course Dates

Dental University: Communication

Communication is vital to moving patients forward with getting the dentistry they need, want and deserve. This dynamic two-day course offers practical tools for helping dental team members become better communicators with their patients. Whole practice teams develop plans of action while learning valuable skills such as how to handle different patient personalities, gathering what’s important to each patient, overcoming objection to treatment and discovering the keys to listening. Open to all team members, this Heartland course will demonstrate how the power of communication can enhance the patient visit, which begins at the initial greeting.

Dental University: Mastery

Mastering a role on a dental team takes more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Open to all team members, this high-powered course is designed like no other as it targets the specific aspects of a dental team member role within the office. Individual Hygienist, Business Assistant and Dental Assistant classes each combine hands-on activities, situational role plays and technical information, to provide team members with more knowledge of and confidence in their role in the dental office. The closer to mastery a team member is, the higher up the mastery ladder is their dental office.

Dental University: Business of Dentistry

Dental teams with a primary focus on patient care and recognition of the nuts and bolts needed to operate a business have found the greatest success at Heartland. This highly interactive class unlocks the tools needed to accomplish both by offering a deeper understanding of the key benchmarking metrics and the ability to mastermind with dental team members to determine specific ways to improve the level of patient care. Modeled after our proven practice management concepts, this two-day course incorporates team-building skills, personal accountability and a focus on specific action planning to provide the tools needed to take a dental practice to the next level.

Doctor Leadership Enrollment: Heartland doctors may sign up via your online connection with HDC Events. Non-Heartland dentists may be able to attend if room is available. Call 888-372-9105 for class availability.

Dental University classes are free for all Heartland team members. Find times and locations and sign up via your online HDC Events connection.