New Technology for the New Year

Patrick C. Bauer

In the coverfeatured article of this issue of SMILING, we focus on one of dentistry’s most innovative technology products: the ezlase™940, a soft-tissue diode laser made by Biolase.

You will read how this impressive tool revolutionizes the way dentists deliver restorative and cosmetic procedures, along with the ways it enhances the patient experience. Turn to page 14 to read the entire story.

At Heartland Dental Care, we strive to continually improve the technology in our practices. Last year we successfully completed the integration of Kodak’s digital x-ray technology in all of our offices. Directing our focus to the ezlase™ seemed to be the logical next step for Heartland. This initiative is another way we are supporting our doctors—to help them improve the quality of care provided to the modern patient, who values comfort, convenience and most of all, dental excellence.

We are excited to roll out this product across the Heartland family of practices (to learn more about Heartland’s other 2011 initiatives, turn to Dr. Workman’s address in our final article). The notable features of the ezlase™940 present exciting opportunities for our doctors. But, the product becomes truly valuable when coupled with Heartland’s investment in the training, support, systems and people who will champion this implementation. Thank you to the Heartland Biolase Research Team and Biolase for your dedication to this project.

I hope you enjoy this issue of SMILING! See you at Midwinter! Stop by and see us at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, booth 3936!

Patrick C. Bauer

President and Chief Operations Officer