Finding the Perfect Fit — and Balance

Heartland’s Flexibility Meets Doctor’s Needs

Monticciolo Sedation & Family Dentistry

When you find the perfect fit, you’ll never go back. For Dr. Anna Kratser, it was only natural to begin and build her career with Heartland Dental Care. As an aspiring new dentist in the field, Dr. Kratser’s goals and desires to focus on the art of dentistry and build upon her education, while staying close to her family, were perfectly in line with Heartland’s mission.

Immediately after graduating from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville, Dr. Kratser searched for a place that emphasized education and development for her career. Upon hearing wonderful things about Heartland Dental Care, she felt confident about joining the team. “I was able to get my feet wet right out of school and was allowed the independence to practice,” said Dr. Kratser. “At the same time, I received a lot of support, which made the transition from school to the real world very easy.”

"Heartland is very flexible and accommodating and wants to make you happy in both your career and personal life."

Anna Kratser, DMD, is a recent graduate and practicing dentistry at Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry in New Port Richey, Florida.

Dr. Kratser has enjoyed practicing dentistry with Heartland and working with the other Heartland doctors and mentors. The first office she started in was farther from her family in Tampa than she would have liked. The Heartland Recruiting Team worked closely with Dr. Kratser to help her move closer to her family. When a position opened at Monticciolo Family and Sedation Dentistry near Tampa, Dr. Kratser jumped at the great opportunity to continue her career with Heartland, while moving closer to home. “I wanted to be closer to my family and I knew Monticciolo was a great practice,” said Dr. Kratser. “Heartland is very flexible and accommodating and wants to make you happy in both your career and personal life.”

Dr. Kratser recently started practicing at Monticciolo, located in New Port Richey, Florida. “I’m very excited about my new position at Monticciolo,” said Dr. Kratser. “They are the best of the best in my opinion. I have a lot to learn from them, so my goal is to absorb as much as I can and continue to build my skills and grow my knowledge.”

“With Heartland, all the systems are in place; they guide and direct you right out of school,” said Dr. Kratser. “I am very impressed with the generosity of Heartland with regard to their time and sharing their experience and knowledge with new doctors. It’s assuring to know I can always count on someone for advice, in any situation.”

Working with Heartland Dental Care has also given Dr. Kratser the stability and flexibility to pursue what she loves, while maintaining a strong sense of family and quality of life outside work, including her love of music. Born and raised in Russia before moving to the United States as a teenager, Dr. Kratser attended music school. She carries over her creativity and tedious dental hand into the art of music as a strong pianist.

“I love what I do. I like that no day is the same and that there are always new challenges with every case and every patient,” she said. “It keeps me on my toes and keeps me constantly thinking and learning.”

Dr. Kratser has a lot to look forward to in her future with Heartland Dental Care, as her career experiences thus far have been very rewarding and she wouldn’t change a thing. “Looking back, I would definitely make the same choices again.”