Coaching Corner

Six Steps to Increasing Case Acceptance

  1. Show Compassion

    New patients often have fear, possible pain and many questions, so it’s essential that every patient is treated with dignity and understanding.

  2. Emphasize Lifetime Care

    Every team member must fully understand the benefits your patient will receive from Lifetime Care Dentistry. Once they master this, they will be able to positively present treatment with a focus on benefits, as well as consequences of no treatment. When an entire team is consistent and enthusiastic about treatment, patients are much more confident.

  3. Customize Treatment Plans

    Presenting STM and Arestin together as a complete periodontal plan is more effective than offering separate options. The same situation applies when presenting a crown and build-up.

  4. Say Yes!

    Flexibility helps patients accept treatment. If money is an issue, break the treatments into quadrants. Completing one quadrant of STM with Arestin at a time and treating bacteria is better than doing all four quadrants without Arestin. Additionally, if time is an issue, do the treatment the same day.

  5. Remember It’s All About the Patient

    The number one focus should be on the patient and their oral health. Take into consideration the emotions of the patient by allowing them time to process having an oral disease before jumping into a treatment plan. After a few minutes, ask for the patient’s thoughts or any barriers that would prevent treatment. This will give the patient the opportunity to ask any questions or explain any concerns they may have about what they’ve just learned.

  6. Maintain Consistency

    Your team’s ability to uniformly present treatment will help build trust with patients and help patients understand the importance of Lifetime Care. Remember, we like to help patients plan their dental future so that unnecessary, preventable treatment and expenses can be avoided.