The Importance of Goals

Patrick C. Bauer

Do you remember as a child when time felt as if it was at a standstill? I remember constantly wishing for the day, week or month to go by quickly so I could experience the next best thing on my agenda. What happened to those days, and why is it that now time seems to pass by at the speed of light? Regardless of the reason, it’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2011, and more importantly, hopefully halfway toward great achievements.

Heartland’s emphasis on setting goals is a way of life for me both professionally and personally. Many companies and individuals have great intentions when creating goals and action items each year. However, many stop at the creation phase. Take a second to ask yourself, are your goals merely a space holder on your bookshelf beginning to collect dust or are your goals beginning to shine because you have been working on the action items and noting your progress throughout the year?

During the first quarter of 2011, Heartland has made great strides toward improving patient communication. We hired a manager for our overflow call center, implemented Smile Reminder in all Heartland offices (see page 11 for full details) and will soon be utilizing Apex, a print and mailing solution vendor, in all offices to expedite the recare and billing process.

Chad Thompson, Vice President of Administration, is also working eagerly toward recruiting and retaining team members to materially enhance Heartland’s infrastructure. Chad and the Recruiting Team have successfully hired new business graduates for Heartland’s new “fast track career development” program to support our growing regions.

Most near and dear to my heart is our goal of emphasizing to each doctor how valuable Heartland can be for their practice and families. With the opportunities we provide, doctors can not only enhance their practices, but enrich their overall quality of life as well. Our cash compensation model (allowing the top 25% of Heartland doctors to earn on average $416,000), Bell Leadership training, clinical training classes, defined goals process and stock purchase opportunities are unequaled by any in the industry. With the implementation of communication tools for our executives, directors and administrators, we will significantly enlighten doctors on how valuable their careers at Heartland truly are.

At Heartland, goals are always on our agenda. Make sure they’re on yours too!

Patrick C. Bauer

President and Chief Operations Officer