Hit the Ground Running

Young Doctor Finds Early Prosperity with Heartland

Dental Group of Carbondale

The transition from attending college to working in the real world can be a daunting task for anyone—new dentists included— especially with the job market conditions over the last few years. However, Dr. Ashley Housley managed to clear that hurdle, progressing from an up-and-coming dentist to working in her own successful practice rather quickly. She accomplished this by joining Heartland Dental Care in 2009 and taking advantage of the support, mentoring and education only Heartland can provide.

"With opportunities such as continuing education credits and institute courses, it’s incredible what you can accomplish with this company,” Dr. Housley said. “Not only do I have my own office to practice in, but I have the full support of Heartland associates to alleviate the non-clinical issues."

While attending high school in Utah, Dr. Housley was initially interested in pursuing a career in medicine, but after working as a Dental Assistant she decided to take another path.

“I decided back in high school that being a doctor of medicine wasn’t for me, so I started working as a dental assistant, fell in love with it and decided that my best interests lie in dentistry. It had the qualities I was looking for in a career —pretty good hours, good pay and a rewarding challenge. I thought it was definitely worth pursuing,” Dr. Housley said. After completing her undergraduate studies, she selected the highly-regarded UNLV School of Dental Medicine as her school of choice.

While still attending UNLV, Dr. Housley first heard about Heartland from several classmates who were joining. “During a ‘lunch and learn,’ Dr. Matthew Milligan (currently practicing at Heartland’s University Place Dental) and some other classmates were discussing how they joined Heartland, and I thought it sounded like a great opportunity,” Dr. Housley said.

After graduation, Dr. Housley was still contemplating her next move, but after remembering the positive feedback she received from her classmates, she decided to see what Heartland had to offer. “I thought I would give it a try. I mean why not; I had nothing to lose,” said Dr. Housley. “I wasn’t really expecting to join right away; however after learning of the remarkable support, inspired goals and leadership Heartland possesses, I was hooked. I never planned on accepting a job immediately like that, but I’m very glad I did.”

"Not only do I have my own office to practice in, but I have the full support of Heartland associates to alleviate the nonclinical issues."

Ashley Housley, DMD

Dr. Housley now leads the team at Dental Group of Carbondale in Carbondale, Illinois. When she first arrived, her tremendous work ethic was immediately evident.

"When we first welcomed her, Dr. Housley made it crystal clear how devoted she was to patient care and the success of the practice,” said Robb Hutchinson, Practice Administrator of Dental Group of Carbondale. “Everyone was on board at that point. Her passion is undeniable; she is always willing to stay late or come in on weekends to ensure patients are taken care of. Through her leadership, the practice is prospering."

Combining Dr. Housley’s passion with Heartland’s reinforcement has clearly produced a recipe for success. “With Heartland’s assistance, you can really grow as a dentist, allowing more and more confidence to be gained,” Dr. Housley said. "My team has been amazing as well. Their dedication and hard work has allowed our office to grow significantly over a short period of time; I even got to attend this year’s President’s Club! When you stick to your goals and have excellent support from others, the possibilities are endless."

Based on Dr. Housley’s rapid rise to success, no arguments here.