Greener Pastures

Heartland’s Support Helps Tenured Doctor Find Fulfillment

Carterville Dental Center

Dr. Shahid Sharar didn’t go looking for Heartland, Heartland found him. While in Maryland with three of his own practices in 2003, Dr. Sharar received a flyer in the mail from Heartland Dental Care describing all of the benefits of working for the company. Dr. Sharar scoffed at the idea that he could be as successful as the flyer stated, but for some reason he kept the flyer and read it occasionally. Then in December of 2005, he went to see if Heartland was really as good as it seemed.

"When I interviewed with Heartland, I discovered that their work ethic and mine matched perfectly: same ethics, same morals, same high value of the patient. I was always patient geared, and so is Heartland. I had the same feelings joining Heartland as you get when you meet the guy/girl of your dreams; it just clicked instantaneously," Dr. Sharar said.

Immediately, Dr. Sharar saw that all the advantages the Heartland flyer boasted were true. "I’ve owned my own practice and been my own boss— I’ve seen it, been there, done that. I think what Heartland has to offer the solo practitioner is priceless. There is so much camaraderie that is shared amongst the dentists within our company. Thanks to Heartland, nearly 400 doctors can share their thoughts and expertise with one another; it’s quite remarkable," he said.

It is this camaraderie, according to Dr. Sharar, that makes Heartland different, especially in the competitive dental industry. "I can share my views; I can teach my views. What I learn from my peers helps me become a better, well-rounded dentist and overall person. Everyone’s objective is to make the company as a whole better, by everybody sharing their knowledge. With Heartland’s support, doctors can work smarter not harder; this mindset has allowed me to attend the President’s Club five years in a row!"

"I can share my views; I can teach my views. What I learn from my peers helps me become a better, well-rounded dentist and overall person."

Shahid Sharar, DDS

Dr. Sharar tries to share this knowledge whenever he can, especially with the younger generation. "I’m one of those people who truly has a servant’s heart. I try to pass on the knowledge Heartland is teaching me to the younger doctors who join us and give them a different point of view that they don’t have, or wouldn’t even consider having, because they think it’s all about the money. It’s not about the money," said Dr. Sharar.

"If you do the right thing for the right reasons, in the right environment, the reward will follow. That’s what I want to show everybody," he said.

Working with Heartland has not only allowed Dr. Sharar to have a happier and more fulfilling professional life, but it has led to a happier personal life as well. While handling three practices, Dr. Sharar was missing out on family life.

"I used to work from 7 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock at night six days a week. Now I’m working four and a half days a week, at 36 to 38 hours a week, while still enjoying the financial rewards of a 70- to 75-hour work week, and I have a lot of family time. I’m watching my kids grow, which is amazing," he said. "I’m truly living my life to the fullest!"

Even though it took Dr. Sharar a few years to find his way to Heartland, he says he is truly honored and happy to be a part of the Heartland family. "My only regret about joining Heartland is becoming a member in 2006 instead of 2003! I cannot stress enough how Heartland has impacted my life. I’ve grown personally, received more family time, gained access to an amazing network of the finest dentists in the country, acquired the best executive team in the dental management business and discovered a renewed passion for dentistry. Working for Heartland has allowed me to spread my wings to places where I don’t think I would have gone on my own."

For Dr. Sharar, the sky is the limit.