An Eye for Talent

Senior Recruiter Scott Wiedman Helps Dentists Discover Success

Whether you’re an experienced dentist or a new graduate, determining the next step in your dental career can be difficult. However, Heartland Dental Care's outstanding Recruiting team is committed to helping you along the path to fulfillment. Senior Recruiter, Scott Wiedman is there to help.

Since joining HDC in 2003, Scott has gained valuable experience in several different positions. He first started in the Information Technology department, where he helped implement computer systems in practices. From there, Scott became a Practice Administrator, managing and supporting several practices. He then carried over his practice support duties into the Client Services department, serving as a coach, trainer and liaison for practice team members. With the communication and management skills he gained at these positions, as well as the advanced knowledge of HDC, Scott was well prepared to join the Recruiting team. Now, Scott finds professionals who share HDC’s commitment to providing the highest standard of patient care.

Eye for Talent

"It's been a great experience working as a Senior Recruiter. I'm able to meet people from all walks of life, and more importantly, show them how HDC can make a positive change in their personal and professional lives," said Wiedman. "It's a challenging role, but a rewarding one. It's important to communicate what Heartland Dental Care is all about, and how we set ourselves apart from inacurrate perceptions. We do this by supporting our dentists, increasing access to patient care and giving dentists the autonomy to provide the best care possible."

As Senior Recruiter, Scott supports the other Recruiters and helps facilitate their workflow. He’s involved in coordinating and attending trade shows, vendor days and school lunch-and-learns. In addition, he still has his own recruiting regions in Texas, Nevada and Arizona. As part of the Recruiting team, he attends prominent dental events, such as the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, the ADA Annual Session and the AGD Annual Meeting to meet with dental professionals and discuss the opportunities at HDC.

"To succeed as a Recruiter at HDC, you need to be open, positive, and flexible as our schedules can change at any moment. It’s essential to effectively communicate with all of our candidates and the administrators we work with. A big part of this involves clearly expressing the benefits of HDC and what working in our offices really looks like," said Wiedman. "Having previously worked in various areas of HDC has increased my knowledge of how Heartland Dental Care works at a practice level and helps me give each candidate a clear snapshot of what’s involved."

"It’s been a great experience working as a Senior Recruiter. I’m able to meet people from all walks of life, and more importantly, show them how HDC can make a positive change in their personal and professional lives."

Scott Wiedman
Scott Wiedman
Senior Recruiter at Heartland Dental Care

To keep up with HDC’s constant growth, Scott and the Recruiting team work hard to bring top quality dentists, as well as hygienists, business assistants, dental assistants and administrators, to place in pre-existing offices in addition to new startup practices.

"During the recruiting process, I look for candidates who are also open, positive and mentally flexible. It’s important they connect and communicate well with their patients, and ultimately they should have a strong commitment to the health of their patients," said Wiedman. "I also look at matching the right doctor with the right practice. That’s the great thing about HDC; we have many options for dentists no matter what their situation may be."

"My goal, and the goal of the Recruiting team as a whole, is to create a win-win for both HDC and our candidates. When we’re able to find a dentist who fits the win-win situation we’re looking for, we can provide a fulfilling, successful career for that dentist. When our dentists succeed, then HDC succeeds and ultimately our dentists’ patients benefit," said Wiedman. "Working with the rest of the Recruiting team is the best part of my job; it makes my position even more satisfying. Every member brings an amazing work ethic and unique skill set that allows us to work very well as a team. Each one of us has a passion for what we do, and we consistently go above and beyond to succeed."

So if you’re looking for an excellent start or an improvement over your current practice situation, Scott can help you find what you need.