Leading The Way

Dentist Finds the Leadership Role She’s Always Wanted

After patient care, leadership tops the priority list for many dentists. This is the case with Dr. Bela Joshi of Peoria Family Dental Care. Since joining the practice, Dr. Joshi has sought to become a trusted leader, a goal that is now becoming a reality.

"Being with HDC has allowed me to be my own boss," said Dr. Joshi. "Even though there is management support from my administrators and Home Office, I’m still the leader of the practice and I still make the final decisions. But even better, I get to be a leader without worrying about the administrative headaches that typically follow."

Peoria Family Dental Care

Before coming to Peoria Family Dental Care and HDC, Dr. Joshi attended the University of Adelaide Dental School in Adelaide, South Australia. After graduating in 1999, she worked in Tasmania for a year before moving to Nepal to practice. She then moved to the U.S. with her husband, a physician, and was accepted to the Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston. She first heard about Heartland Dental Care in 2008 while at Tufts.

"I was first introduced to Heartland Dental Care’s Director of Recruitment, Nancy Pals, in 2008. By that time, my husband and family had relocated to Illinois, so while seeing them I was able to meet with more of the HDC Recruiting team as well," said Dr. Joshi. "The recruiting experience was fantastic; I was impressed with how well they were able to answer all my questions. I was also able to meet and observe a few other HDC dentists. So in November 2008, with around a half a year of school left, I signed my contract with HDC."

"When I first met Dr. Joshi, I knew she would make a great addition to the HDC family," said Pals. "She has great leadership qualities and is focused on patient care."

After graduating in May 2009, Dr. Joshi officially joined HDC and Peoria Family Dental Care. Since then, she’s been leading her team to success with the support of Heartland Dental Care.

"Even though there is management support from my administrators and Home Office, I’m still the leader of the practice and I still make the final decisions."

Dr. Bela Joshi
Bela Joshi, DMD
practices at Peoria Family Dental Care in Peoria, Illinois. She started practicing with HDC in 2009.

"Continuing education is important to me. I want to have a constant stimulus to learn new things, and I definitely have access to that at HDC. The Education team is outstanding," said Dr. Joshi. "The huge network of dentists is also very beneficial. There are so many colleagues who are ready to help – just an email away. You won’t find that anywhere else. HDC truly motivates my team and me to improve our skills for the benefit of both patients and ourselves."

Heartland Dental Care provides practice support, but ultimately the leadership role still belongs to the dentist. In fact, because of HDC’s support, dentists have even more time to focus on effectively leading their practices. Dr. Joshi and her team are experiencing this reality, as she motivates and inspires her team to succeed.

"Joining HDC was the best decision I ever made in my life. It’s made such a huge impact in my life academically, financially and in many other ways. This was my first job in the U.S. after graduating from Tufts, and I feel blessed to be part of this company," said Dr. Joshi. "I have great team members and great patients. It’s my goal to keep all of them happy."