Coaching Corner

Education is Essential

In order for dentists to serve the needs of their patients, continuing education is essential. At HDC, supporting affiliated dentists as they further their education is a top priority. HDC sponsors many different courses affiliated dentists can take advantage of, from Invisalign to sedation dentistry.

Samson Liu My Wildwood DentistSamson Liu, DDS, MAGD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Heartland Dental Care and full-time practicing dentist at in Wildwood, Missouri. Since graduating dental school and the start of his career with HDC, Dr. Liu’s practice has grown to a 12-chair office.

In addition, affiliated dentists are encouraged to complete Fellowships through the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Achieving this Fellowship designation (FAGD) is an excellent chance for dentists to not only improve their clinical skills, but also be recognized as leaders in the dental industry. To complete an AGD Fellowship, dentists must complete 500 continuing education hours, take a Fellowship exam, be a member of the AGD for at least three years and be present at the Fellowship convocation ceremony.

For affiliated dentists pursuing a Fellowship, HDC helps facilitate the process. The HDC Institute is an AGD approved CE course provider; therefore the majority of continuing education credits available can be applied towards the Fellowship requirement. HDC also submits all sponsored continuing education hours dentists have earned to the AGD and tracks dentists’ progress in completing the FAGD requirements.

Beyond Fellowships with the AGD, HDC supports affiliated dentists with other partners as well. These connections help strengthen their skills and provide opportunities they may not have access to on their own. Invisalign has ushered in a new standard of orthodontic care with its convenience and cosmetic appeal to patients, and HDC partners with Align Technology, makers of Invisalign, to streamline the training and certification process for affiliated dentists.

Invisalign is more than a simple cosmetic option. In fact, it is often pivotal in the oral and overall health of patients. Because of the benefit to lifetime care, HDC supports affiliated dentists in becoming certified in Invisalign. In fact, 492 HDC-affiliated dentists are currently certified. The certification process includes registering for training, completing certification courses and submitting patient treatment plans. Like the AGD Fellowships, HDC helps facilitate this process, partnering with Align Technology to provide access to online training and knowledge from experienced mentor dentists.

Heartland Dental Care also partners with Dental XP, a website dedicated to educating dentists. Dental XP features a number of online resources, including articles and videos from experts on a variety of dental topics. HDC-affiliated dentists who use Dental XP also have access to the premium membership, which features additional online continuing education courses in topics such as orthodontics, oral surgery and restoration. This partnership between HDC and Dental XP provides affiliated dentists a great source for keeping up on the latest dental techniques, technology and skills.

Without world-class continuing education, dentists can’t perform at their best. With such major changes in dentistry over the last few years, this is true now more than ever. At HDC, the importance of education cannot be emphasized enough, and HDC offers many continuing education options to support dentists in becoming the best clinicians possible.