Common Myths about DSO's

The Misconceptions of DSOs and the Truth about HDC

According to a 2012 dental service organization study completed by The Parthenon Group, many dentists are concerned about not having control over their office if affiliating with a DSO. One surveyed dentist commented, “Giving up control is the biggest concern, some seem to have a good track record more than others.”

However, at Heartland Dental Care, affiliated dentists are still recognized as the leaders of their offices and they make clinical decisions based solely on their patients’ dental needs.


With HDC:

  • Affiliated dentists have clinical autonomy: At HDC, dentists are the leaders and decision-makers. With the support and resources offered, dentists are equipped to provide outstanding patient care.

  • Affiliated dentists have control when building their team: At HDC-affiliated offices, dentists determine what team member candidates are hired. HDC recognizes that when dentists and their team members communicate well and trust each other, they can provide the best care possible. Affiliated dentists are encouraged to be involved at the level they choose to be.

  • Affiliated dentists choose their own supplies: HDC-affiliated dentists have access to a wide variety of materials of their choosing and benefit from large-scale research. Additionally, HDC-affiliated offices benefit from negotiated prices (usually around 30 percent off the normal cost), so they can save on the supplies they already use.

Instead of losing control, HDC-affiliated dentists enjoy more control with HDC’s administrative support than they previously had. They enjoy more time to serve patients, grow as dentists and practice dentistry on their terms.