Dentist Refreshes Career with HDC's Support

Dentist refreshes career

Even the most successful dentists can become hindered by managing business duties, balancing time and planning the right strategy in an ever-changing industry. After a fantastic career spanning over 20 years, Dr. Phillip Neal became aware of these obstacles and started searching for a solution. With HDC, he found the answers and revitalization he was looking for.

"My affiliation with HDC has been a great experience. I’ve enjoyed the education and opportunities to give and take with other respected dentists. It’s also been an eye opener. With several things I thought I knew well, I’ve been able to advance even further with HDC's support. I truly feel rejuvenated as a dentist," Dr. Neal explained.

Graduating from the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry in 1977, Dr. Neal first started as an associate dentist with an office in the Crystal Lake area. He opened his own office soon after and set his sights on a bigger goal. "In the 1980s, I wanted to create an operation similar to what HDC-affiliated offices have become now," said Dr. Neal. "I had a large general practice office in Crystal Lake; then I opened an additional satellite office nearby. My goal was to open several more offices and bring on partners and associates, but at the time, I didn't have the management skill set or resources to accomplish that. After dealing with the stress of managing two offices, I decided to stick solely with my original location and close the other."

"I feel like a fresh, confident leader, which benefits me, my team and my patients."

Phillip Neal - Dentist in Crystal Lake Phillip Neal, DDS
practicing dentist at Crystal Lake Dental Associates in Crystal Lake, Illinois

As time passed, Dr. Neal continued to grow his solo office, Crystal Lake Dental Associates, and expand his skills. After building a new state-of-the-art office in 2004 and practicing through the decade, Dr. Neal became aware of rising competition and changes in health care.

Dr. Neal discussed possible options with his consultant, Dr. Marc Cooper, a retired periodontist, author, corporate consultant and CEO and founder of the Mastery Company. After their conversations, they both agreed that with the future of dentistry changing, Dr. Neal wouldn't be able to find a partner or associate with the means to transition into his office.

"I had worked with Dr. Neal for over two years in our practice management programs. His level of mastery in ownership was strong, as was his advancement in leadership and management. His office had reached a level of success that was outstanding, but there were several issues that could not be resolved without many more years of work and struggle," said Dr. Cooper. "I knew HD C President and COO, Pat Bauer, and HDC Founder and CEO, Dr. Rick Workman, and understood the culture and commitment of HDC. Given Dr. Neal's core values, his ability to provide excellent patient care and the ability of HDC to offer support, it looked like a powerful match. I recommended he contact HDC, and the rest is history."

Following Dr. Cooper's advice, Dr. Neal decided that HDC was the right choice for his needs and he affiliated in 2011.

"Since affiliating, everyone I've met at HDC has been extremely positive and shares the same core values I do, such as openness, reliability and dedication. With every interaction, I've felt more and more that this was the right decision. In fact, 2012 was a record year for my office, and 2013 is looking even better," said Dr. Neal. "The affiliation process and transition was easy. The new employee orientation and continuing education courses have been great. We've used these as great team building opportunities, and we're very motivated and eager to move forward."