A One-Two Punch

Affiliated Dentists Advance Their Skills with Invisalign Courses

Dentists Advance Skilss with Invisalign

In the world of boxing, the combination "one-two punch" describes how punches are thrown. A basic one-two punch combination becomes very effective when there's variation in speed, angle, footwork, timing and power. The patient care mentality displayed by dentists affiliated with Heartland Dental Care could be characterized as that of a prize fighter. Their goal is earning the world-class patient care title by diagnosing and delivering the dental treatment their patients need, desire and deserve.

During his continuing education, Dr. Shahid Sharar had a one-two punch of his own. The Carterville Dental Center dentist has always had a passion for meeting the dental needs of his patients. The array of services offered at his Carterville, Illinois, office included Invisalign, but it wasn't until the last couple of years that Dr. Sharar's mindset with Invisalign shifted. His passion was re-ignited when he heard about the prominence of malocclusion and its impact on lifetime dental care.

"I was drawn to take a closer look at Invisalign when I considered malocclusion as an epidemic," Dr. Sharar said. "By providing lifetime care, we could change people's lives. Building upon that, treating malocclusion as a disease allows us to treat the whole person."

Sharar Shahid

"By providing lifetime care, we could change people's lives. Treating malocclusion as a disease allows us to treat the whole person."

Shahid Sharar, DDS
practicing dentist at Carterville Dental Center in Carterville, Illinois

The one-two punch had occurred. Dr. Sharar's first punch was the Invisalign clinical training and the second punch was during an Invisalign course from Dr. Mark Hodge. This one-day course for doctors and team members takes a look at malocclusion and ways to restore functionality of the tooth. Straightened teeth may look better, but dentists are in the business of making teeth function better. An aligned bite is a functional one.

The one-two punch experienced by Dr. Sharar became reality for dentists attending a continuing education offering in late spring. On day one, he had the opportunity to receive training with the Clear Essentials class and followed it up with Dr. Hodge's course on day two.

Brad Fey

"I've raised my comfort level of being able to do Invisalign and in the type of verbiage I use for educating the patient."

Brad Frey, DMD
practicing dentist at Liberty Commons Family Dental in Middletown, Ohio

Partnering with Align Technology, clinicians had two choices for Clear Essentials. Dr. Doug Brandt, who provides orthodontic and occlusion education on both undergraduate and graduate levels, led attendees in the clinical and operational training necessary to become a certified Invisalign provider. Dentists interested in enhancing Invisalign case experiences were able to focus on managing difficult cases in the Clear Essentials II course. Led by Dr. Ben Miraglia, the class focused on gaining more experience in approaching difficult cases and complex tooth movements with aligners and auxiliaries.

Both Drs. Sharar and Frey say that educating the patient is what's important. Although treatment may not be understood the first time it's talked about, these clinicians use every opportunity possible to provide education as they look at treating the whole person.

The one-two punch in this training occurred during a weekend; however, its effects on the patients served by these dentists will carry over a lifetime.