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Common questions about the affiliation process answered by Justin Wendling, Director of Affiliations at Heartland Dental

The fear of the unknown can limit doctors when considering an affiliation with Heartland Dental, especially when thinking of how exactly it will affect them and their team members. Justin Wendling, Director of Affiliations, provides an answer to alleviate this fear and to familiarize interested doctors with what to expect.

Justin Wendling

Justin Wendling
Director of Affiliations of Heartland Dental


How will affiliating with Heartland Dental affect myself, my team and my office?


How it will affect you:

An affiliation with Heartland Dental allows you to be a dentist again – not an accountant, marketing guru or HR manager. We take the management side off your plate so you can focus on your most important task and the reason you became a dentist in the first place – patient care.

To us, being a manager of the practice is very different than being its leader, and that is what your role will remain. You make the decisions, and we are there to support them. That includes everything from office hours to what impression material you would like to use. However, with our strategic partnerships, you have instant access to cost savings on supplies of your choosing.

Our affiliates also have access to the latest technology and educational programs including our exclusively sponsored Doctor Mentorship and Partnering for Excellence programs in which doctors new to Heartland Dental receive support and mentorship from other successful, affiliated dentists. These resources open new avenues in patient care for dentists in all career stages.

Heartland Dental affiliates can leave work at work. That means after the last patient of the day, they have the luxury of going straight home instead of spending after hours and weekends on payroll and other nuisances. Through an affiliation, the ideal work/life balance is not only possible, it is achieved.

When you are ready to transition into the next chapter of your life, Heartland Dental offers longevity and stability for your team and office, ensuring your patients will be continued to be taken care of.

How it will affect your team:

Heartland Dental will welcome your entire team and provide a smooth transition process that you have complete control of. Often, doctors fear that we will come in and “clean house,” but we strive to get all members excited and to keep your team intact.

An affiliation can also open up new doors for team members through access to continuing education, benefits and career advancement opportunities. We put a focus on educating everyone in the office on the business side to help them better understand their impact, and we also provide hands-on training for clinical support. Being a part of an affiliated office secures team members stable careers, full benefits and guaranteed paychecks.

If you want to expand your team or office, Heartland Dental’s Recruiting and Human Resources teams are there to help. We will find and bring quality candidates to you, but again, you have final say in who is the best fit for your team.

How it will affect your office:

Heartland Dental's vast support center, Home Office in Effingham, Illinois, houses a network of experts who support the non-clinical duties of affiliated offices including human resources, information technology, marketing, payroll, supplies and procurement, accounting and more.

Home Office provides support to help your office function more efficiently and increase profitability. Since you and your team will be relieved of management burdens, you can focus more on serving your patients, which will increase your office’s revenue. In fact, Heartland Dental affiliates experience, on average, revenue growth of 15% in just the first year.

In additional to our invaluable Home Office support, our Regional Administrators, Regional Directors of Operations, Client Administrators and Practice Administrators will help your office with the day-to-day functions.

If you still have questions regarding an affiliation with Heartland Dental, we encourage you to reach out to our team. If you’re looking for career advancement, job stability, more time with patients and family and relief from management stresses, you will be glad you did.