Brand Evolution

Patrick C. Bauer
President and Chief Operations Officer at Heartland Dental Care

Throughout our existence, Heartland Dental has always embraced progression. For good reason;―progress is an absolute necessity to move forward with anything in life. Without progress, we would all be in the same situation forever, both personally and professionally. Once success is found, it is understandable why some fear change and fall into a “comfort zone.” However, initial success doesn’t last forever. As the world around us evolves, we too must continually progress or fall behind.

Not too long ago, Heartland Dental identified an opportunity to progress, and in the beginning of 2014, we established an updated brand image, along with new company colors. The updated logo, colors and brand ideally represent what Heartland Dental stands for – tradition, loyalty, stability, quality and Midwest values.

As Heartland Dental’s support systems and models have evolved in the best interests of affiliated dentists, now our brand has evolved as a perfect parallel. With our updated brand, we have the opportunity to usher in new ways of communicating to dentists and dental professionals in need, and new ways to help these dentists find the answers they are searching for.

Although our brand has been updated, underneath our sleek new packaging our core values and mission remain unchanged. We are still dedicated to supporting dentists in providing the best possible care to their communities. We still provide world-class continuing education and non-clinical administrative support. Even though these founding pillars remain set, now Heartland Dental can carry them out even more effectively.