My Free Smile

My Free Smile

Heartland Dental affiliated offices help make dream smiles a reality

What is the first thing you notice about a person when you first meet them? Many people agree that a person’s smile stands out the most in a first impression. Unfortunately, not everyone is proud to show off the smile they have, and many can’t afford the treatment they need to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile they desire. That’s where My Free Smile comes in. A new Heartland Dental initiative, My Free Smile gives lucky winners across the nation a complete smile makeover.

Lake Nona Family Dentistry My Free Smile Winner

The winner of the Lake Nona Family Dentistry's My Free Smile, before and after.

My Free Smile allows Heartland Dental’s affiliated dental offices the unique opportunity to provide someone in their community with the smile of his or her dreams for free. Potential candidates apply online by submitting photos of their teeth and a brief story about what they don’t like about their smile. Participating offices then select a winner from the list of applicants and announce the winner at an open house. The dentists and team members then perform the necessary treatment, and the patient’s new smile is revealed at an after-hours event held at the dental office.

There are many people who are unhappy with the way their smile looks, and this can have a negative effect on their self-esteem. With My Free Smile, winning candidates are finally able to get the dental treatment they need, which not only improves the look of their smile and their sense of self-esteem, but the health of their teeth and gums, too. In many cases, poor aesthetic appearance of a smile is linked to health issues, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Such issues can lead to other conditions, including diabetes, stroke, oral cancer and heart disease. A smile makeover can help to reverse the negative effects of an unhealthy mouth and has the power to improve the person’s overall health and well being.

"I hope every dental practce is able to participate in this event. By giving someone a smile makeover, you can completely change their lfie. I don't know what's more rewarding than that!"

Marco Castellini, DDS

Marco Castellini, DDS
practicing dentist at Lake Nona Family Dentistry in Orlando Florida

Not only do winning participants receive a complete smile makeover worth up to $10,000, a complete hair and clothing makeover is provided as well. Many dental offices partner with local businesses that provide their services for the winner’s hair and clothing makeover. "This partnership gives our office the opportunity to build important business relationships with people in our community," said Dr. Marco Castellini of Lake Nona Family Dentistry in Orlando, Florida. "The entire My Free Smile program has been a great way for our office to connect with people in the area, as well as showcase the quality dental treatment we can provide to our patients."

The overarching goal of the program is to create a positive experience for everyone involved. It is rewarding for business partners and for the winning candidates of course, and it's also a great team building opportunity for affiliated dentists and their team members. "We had such a great experience with My Free Smile," said Dr. Castellini. "Working together to improve our patient’s smile and seeing the final results of the makeover was truly remarkable. What a transformation!"

Affiliated offices who participate in My Free Smile also have public relations and marketing support from the Heartland Dental Home Office to carry out the initiative. The marketing team supports affiliates in collecting applications online, promoting the giveaway through public relations and executing all necessary tasks.

"The best part of My Free Smile is giving a deserving person a healthy, beautiful smile that they are proud to show off, and at no cost to them," said Dr. Castellini. "I hope every affiliated office is able to participate in this event. By giving someone a smile makeover, you can completely change their life. I don’t know what’s more rewarding than that!"

Several people throughout the nation have already had their smiles totally transformed by the talented Heartland Dental affiliated dentists and teams. To learn more about the My Free Smile initiative, visit

Valley Park Dental Care My Free Smile Winner

The winner of the Valley Park Dental Care's My Free Smile, before and after.