Ask Affiliations

Common questions about the affiliation process answered by Justin Wendling, Director of Affiliations at Heartland Dental

Heartland Dental was founded on the belief that most dentists want to be dentists, not HR managers, accountants, marketing managers or IT specialists. But in order to build and maintain a successful dental office in today’s industry, dentists have to fill all of these roles in many cases. This leads to longer hours, increased stress and less personal time.

Whether supported dentists are looking for work/life balance, seeking assistance in building their teams, struggling to find the right associates to bring in or searching for the right transition strategy for the future, they can find these answers with Heartland Dental.

Justin Wendling
Justin Wendling
Director of Affiliations at Heartland Dental

Q If my office becomes a Heartland Dental supported office, what will change?

A Since we support successful practices to begin with, it does not make sense to come in and change your office. By creating a custom plan based on your needs, we can help you identify what areas you are succeeding in and what areas our support should focus on. By establishing some of our proven systems within your office, you can advance in these specific areas while having more time to practice dentistry and enjoy your life outside of dentistry.

Supported doctors are still the leaders in their offices. They make all the decisions regarding their teams and their patients. We align with supported doctors and teams on the business side, so they can focus on dentistry.

Q Why do doctors choose to be supported bu Heartland Dental if they are already successful?

A Doctors decide to be supported by Heartland Dental for many different reasons including being worn down or sick of the management side of running a dental office. Large offices can be too overwhelming for one person to manage. In addition, many doctors are searching for a long-term exit strategy that provides stability for their office and team, even when they are ready to retire at their most profitable time. Other doctors experience failed associateships, leaving them with no succession plan. Some doctors have grown their offices as large as they can, and then find they need a partner for continued growth.

Q Do you support specialty practices?

A The majority of our supported offices are general practices, however we have started supporting more specialty offices. Just like general dentists, specialists experience the same challenges of running a business and practicing dentistry simultaneously. Many specialists are searching for relief from management burdens and desire a balanced personal/professional life as well.

If you own a specialty dental office that collects $1,000,000 or more annually and are searching for this relief, we offer a supported joint venture opportunity.