Ask Recruiting

Common questions about the recruiting process answered by Nancy Pals, Director of Recruiting at Heartland Dental

Dentists have many career paths to choose from after graduation – residency programs, associateship, private practice or becoming a doctor at a supported group practice to name a few. Finding the right fit is a critical step towards a successful future.

State-of-the-art facilities, unparalleled continuing education and unlimited support makes Heartland Dental supported offices an appealing career choice for dentists of all ages

Nancy Pals
Nancy Pals
Director of Recruting at Heartland Dental

At Heartland Dental, we provide the opportunity to find a win-win partnership between doctors and supported offices. Our doctor recruiting team works diligently to ensure a doctor isn’t just working in an office, but in a supported office that they enjoy and in which they will thrive. The seamless recruiting process coupled with additional benefits provide insight into why more doctors than ever are finding their fit in a Heartland Dental supported office.

Q What can I expect from the recruiting process?

A Our recruiting process makes for an easy transition strategy from a doctor’s current situation to a supported office. We customize the process to each doctor’s individual goals in an effort to find the best fit for their career and lifestyle. The doctor will have the opportunity to speak with support from all levels, as well as other doctor

Q How do I get started on discovering if Heartland Dental is the right fit for me?

A The first step is to connect with a Doctor Recruiter in one of the following ways:

  • Call: Speak to the team by calling 888-372-9105.
  • Click: Find an opportunity a
  • Meet: Visit to find out where they will be in the coming months and schedule a meeting with them.

After having connected with the appropriate Doctor Recruiter, we will take time to get to know the doctor better and for the doctor to get to know us. Either through an in-person or web meeting, we strive to get face-to-face as early as possible through the recruiting process. Administrators for the supported office will also be involved to give a holistic view of what non-clinical assistance supported offices receive. A list of supported doctors will also be provided to give more insight into their experience in a Heartland Dental supported office. More information regarding the contract process and continuing education available will be provided. We encourage a lot of questions during this period!

Q Will I get to visit the supported office before signing a contract?

A After a relationship is established, a visit to the supported office will be planned. This gives doctors the opportunity to meet the team and see the office for themselves. Often, doctor candidates will visit several supported offices within the area in which they are interested. Heartland Dental’s growth and expanding footprint afford multiple opportunities in desirable areas across the country.