Dentists from Various Backgrounds Find Success with Heartland Dental Care

Maybe you've just graduated dental school and are unsure about your next move. Perhaps you're unsatisfied with your current practice situation. Or you could have a successful practice, but the day-to-day demands have gotten out of hand and you're looking for some steadiness in life.

No matter what your situation is, Heartland Dental Care has the answer. Over 400 dentists from all walks of life are currently enjoying success, stability and progression with HDC. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself. The following stories from a few of Heartland Dental Care's own explain how HDC is helping them practice ideal dentistry.

  • "There's so much I want to do while I'm still young and physically fit, I want balance in my life, and HDC provides that."
    Brice Arndt, DDS
    Camp Hill Dentist

  • "After owning my own practice and working for another dental service organization, I'm definitely seeing advantages with HDC that I wasn't seeing before."
    Joseph Chasko, DMD
    Lee Vista Dental

  • "After growing and expanding my practice to a certain point, it became overwhelming to handle, plus I wanted to establish a long-term exit strategy. HDC helped me address both of those concerns."
    Leo Wheat, DMD
    Wheat Family Dental

  • "We're so happy with where we are in our careers right now and truly appreciate how HDC has allowed us more time for our family life."
    Jennifer Kearschner, DDS
    Jared Kearschner, DDS
    Edgewood Family Dental

  • "With HDC, I get to focus on my patients, but I also get to experience the ideal way a practice should function. I feel like I'm part of a whole practice rather than just an employee coming in everyday to perform a job."
    Suveetha Mikkili, DMD

  • "When I first started, I saw joining Heartland Dental Care as a stepping stone to get a few years experience to prepare for opening a practice. However, after working with HDC and seeing the long-term success they help dentists achieve, I now have a different perspective."
    Nari Cho, DDS
    O'Fallon Family Dental Care

  • "Since affiliating, we've had some of our best months ever and have more balanced lives. There's no need to struggle when HDC can provide you the means to practice on your own terms."
    Charles Stetler, DDS
    Melody Stampe, DDS
    Wylie Dental Associates