The Next Level Of Service

Heartland Dental Care's Client Services Department Takes Practices to New Heights

Practicing dentistry can be tough. On top of maintaining clinical skills, dentists have to worry about communicating efficiently with patients, managing a team and organizing day-to-day functions. The task can be overwhelming, but at Heartland Dental Care, no one is alone. Dentists and team members can rely on the dedicated, supportive individuals in the Client Services department.

Nine Client Administrators – Amanda Bannister, Diana Burton, Wendy Gagliardo, Cindy Shimboff, Katie Smithenry, Crystal Stuckemeyer, Andrea Wendling, Linda Will and Stephanie Will are at the forefront of assisting practices, serving as coaches and teachers and inspiring clarity and direction for HDC practices. They keep practices functioning smoothly by implementing new company initiatives and training practices to effectively use these initiatives in the field, calculating yearly budgets, working closely with Regional Directors of Operations and Practice Administrators to solve problems and ensure practice needs are met.

Back row: Linda Will, Diana Burton, Pam French, Wendy Gagliardo, Andrea Wendling, Amanda Bannister, Crystal Stuckemeyer, Cindy Shimboff, Katie Smithenry, Stephanie Will
Front row: Amber Voris, Teresa Hamilton, Connie Snyder, Brittney Ray, Cyndi Tyler

"Building and maintaining relationships is key in our role. There is a saying out there that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care," said Andrea Wendling, Client Administrator. "I think that in order to be effective in our roles and make an impact, we need to ensure others know we care about them and want what's best for their practices and patients."

HDC practices reap a number of benefits from the valuable support the Client Administrators supply. Dentists simply have more time for patients when Client Administrators are handling non-clinical areas. They partner with field administration and dentists to actively set and work towards practice goals. This alignment helps the Client Administrators effectively grow new team members and identify areas of concern. Client Administrators help to address patient concerns, partnering with offices and using consistent resolution techniques to create solutions that benefit the practices and patients. Because Client Administrators see events and marketing ideas utilized in many practices, they can help other practices duplicate their success.

"When initiating new services, we are involved as much as possible in the conversion process to ensure a smooth transition for team members and field administration."

Teresa Hamilton
Client Administrator Manager

Client Administrators also alleviate pressure by acting as liaisons to the rest of the Home Office departments. Many times, practices have questions about ordering supplies, marketing activities, and IT issues. However, they aren't sure who to contact. Client Administrators act as a relay to resolve these questions. They know the appropriate person or department to provide solutions to practices in a timely manner.

In another aspect of practice support, the Client Services team oversees Research and Development, which involves researching new products and services that will help practices increase efficiency, implementing these products and services and training team members how to best utilize them. Assisting with this is Research and Development Coordinator, Pam French. She helps practices with the implementation and training process (troubleshooting and one-on-one training of team members and field administration) and researches vendors for potential products and services that could benefit HDC practices. Some examples of these implementations include Smile Reminder, APEX, VantageOne and CareCredit.

These initiatives help practices stay technologically advanced, while eliminating the need for doctors and team members to research and implement these services on their own. Consequently, practices can spend more time focusing on patients while HDC improves their efficiency and helps enhance the patient's experience.

"When initiating new services, we're involved as much as possible in the implementation or conversion process to ensure a smooth transition for team members and field administration," said Teresa Hamilton, Client Administrator Manager. "Our support with these services doesn't stop with the implementation or conversion process; we keep practices informed on updates and changes, and make sure they are using these services to their advantage."

"As we continue to grow, so does the need for support; for that reason, it's important that our department stay proactive in connecting with practices, evolving our team and inspiring practice team members."

Connie Snyder
Director of Client Services

Giving the Client Administrators the necessary tools to stay mentally flexible, committed and objective are Teresa Hamilton, Client Administrator Manager, and the Client Administrator Supervisors – Brittney Ray, Amber Voris and Cyndi Tyler. Casting vision for Client Services is Director, Connie Snyder. Connie establishes ways the Client Services department can support HDC's ongoing expansion. She strives to see the big picture, seeking opportunities for improvement by staying connected with Home Office departments and field administration.

"As we continue to grow, so does the need for support; for that reason, it's important that our department stay proactive in connecting with practices, evolving our team and inspiring practice team members," said Snyder. "It's also necessary to consistently keep our department aligned along the same mind-set and constantly re-evaluate our processes to determine the most effective contributions we can make to increase the level of patient care our offices deliver."

Implementing practice improvement methods and removing practice burdens from dentists and team members is what Heartland Dental Care does best. The Client Services department is essential in making that happen. With the help of this dedicated team, HDC practices will continue to raise the standard of patient care.