A Message From Our President

At Heartland Dental Care, we encourage every team member to become a leader. If you can lead others effectively, whether you're a dentist, dental assistant or hygienist, you'll be able to inspire, motivate and ultimately increase the efficiency of others and yourself.

A leader is persistent. Unlike many aspects of your life, you choose whether you are persistent or not. Persistence is determined by the choices you make each day. Do you give up easily or do you stay focused and determined? Do you take short cuts or do you give full effort? Do you become overwhelmed by your work or do you remain composed? Persistence is enhanced by identifying areas where you lack strength, facing your flaws head-on and creating a plan to prevent repetition of mistakes.

A leader possesses charisma. People aren't drawn to those that are selfish, moody, cynical and insecure – and they certainly won't want to follow their lead. Instead, people need a leader that's positive, genuine and instills hope in others. A charismatic leader expects the best out of others. To develop charisma, think about the concerns of others over your own.

A leader possesses initiative. Nothing can be accomplished without initiative, so if you want to successfully lead others, you must drive yourself and others to act. Leaders cannot be indecisive, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish and create a plan of action to make it happen. To build initiative, seek out areas of opportunity; be willing to take risks when necessary without fearing failure. Start with one area of your life and take action to become a better leader.

Now ask yourself, "Am I a leader?"

Patrick C. Bauer,
President and Chief Operations Officer