Recruiting Questions and Answers

Nancy Pals, Director of Recruitment, and Justin Wendling, Director of Development, have provided some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the recruiting and development processes.

What Potential Recruits Want to Know

Nancy Pals
Director of Recruitment at
Heartland Dental Care

What specific traits does Heartland Dental Care look for in a new recruit?
You should be motivated, positive, flexible and open-minded. You should be open to expressing your needs and wants - that way we can make sure we're doing what we can to meet your expectations.

What can I do to prepare myself for the interview?
Prior to the interview, it's best to speak to one of our Recruiters and let them know what geographic areas you're interested in and what areas you would be open to. Having an updated copy of your resume highlighting your experiences during and after dental school is also helpful.

What can I expect from the recruiting process?
You will meet with one of our Recruiters face-to-face to discuss what your geographic area of interest is and if we have an opening there. If not, we will discuss other options available. You will also meet with the Regional Director of Operations for that particular area and another Heartland Dental Care dentist. We want to make sure that you're matched with the right office and team.

Where will I get placed?
If there is nothing available in your desired location, we try to get you as close to that location as as possible. The great thing about Heartland Dental Care is that we can transition dentists into other practices that may be a fit once openings become available.

What is the potential income for a new recruit?
On average, our newly recruited dentists make between $130,000 to $150,000 the first year, including bonuses based on collections and profit.

What are some of the other benefits of joining a dental service organization, specifically Heartland Dental Care?
Other benefits of joining HDC include mentorship from our network of successful, tenured dentists, preferred vendor relationships that save you money on supplies, unmatched continuing education and ongoing support from our Home Office.

What kind of continuing education opportunities does Heartland Dental Care offer to dentists and team members?
HDC truly stands out from other dental service organizations or private practices in offering continuing education that's among the best in the nation. We provide you with education to give you the necessary tools to advance your skills. With course topics ranging from leadership to clinical training, our continuing education will give you a firm foundation for growing your practice.

What kind of support can I expect from HDC while practicing?
Heartland Dental Care's Home Office support takes care of your practice's business aspects so you can focus on patient care instead. Areas of support include marketing, payroll, accounting, professional supplies and human resources. You will also receive field support from our Client Services team, as well as operational support within your practice from your Regional Director, Regional Administrator and Practice Administrator. We make sure all of your questions are answered and that you're completely aligned with your team, especially during the first few weeks.

How do I know if Heartland Dental Care is the right choice for me?
Just ask yourself, "What do I really want out of my career in dentistry?" If you want to be the leader in your practice, focus on patients instead of business duties, have access to tremendous career growth opportunities and world-class education, enjoy job stability with a great salary and benefits package and join some of the finest minds in dentistry, then Heartland Dental Care is the place for you!

What Potential Affiliating Dentists Want to Know

Justin Wendling
Director of Development at
Heartland Dental Care

What types of practices does Heartland Dental Care look to affiliate with?
There are certain characteristics of a practice we look for, including dentists who want to keep practicing but need relief from other burdens, and dentists who are looking for a long-term exit strategy. Practice size, revenue and location are also considered. However, most important is a dentist who is open- minded, positive, flexible and committed.

What can I expect when affiliating?
Every practice has different needs; therefore, HDC creates an affiliation process catering to the best interests of your specific practice. It's a growing process – we work to establish how we can help you advance your practice while forming a trusting relationship along the way.

How long does the affiliation process take?
The entire process can take as little as 60 to 90 days. How fast the completion moves is up to you, and HDC is completely understanding and flexible during the process.

How long do I need to stay with the practice?
We look for dentists who will transition with the practice for a minimum of two years.

What will happen to my team?
Heartland Dental Care will welcome your employees and provide a smooth transition that you will have complete control of. Many are concerned that we'll come in and "clean house," but instead we help you strengthen your role as a leader. In fact, affiliating with HDC is an excellent career-growth opportunity for your team, since they will have access to continuing education, benefits and career-advancement opportunities.

What kind of practice improvement strategies can HDC provide to increase my practice profitability?
Our Home Office provides support to help your practice function more efficiently and increase profitability. Since you and your team will be relieved of these tasks, you can focus more on serving patients, which will increase your office's revenue. We also provide lower costs on supplies through our strategic partnerships.

What kind of continuing education opportunities does HDC offer?
Our unmatched educational opportunities are one of the main reasons doctors affiliate with us. We help dentists and team members advance their clinical, communication and leadership skills. Our educational courses include Doctor Leadership, Doctor Dental University and Partnering for Excellence, among others.

What are some of the resources and technology I'll have access to at HDC?
Our affiliates have access to the latest technology and educational programs such as the Doctor Mentorship and Partnering for Excellence programs, in which doctors new to HDC receive support and mentorship from other successful, affiliated dentists. These resources open new avenues in patient care for dentists in all career stages.

How will HDC support my practice's business and operational functions?
In addition to our invaluable Home Office support, our Regional Administrators, Regional Directors of Operations, Client Administrators and Practice Administrators will help you with your day-to-day operational functions.

There are many faces of Heartland Dental Care. While each story differs, they all share the same result of success. Simply put, if you're looking for career advancement, job stability, more time to concentrate on patients and your family, access to some of the finest dental minds in the country and personal growth, Heartland Dental Care is the place for you!

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