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Dentists Find Answers at Heartland Dental Care's Excellence in Leadership

Book stores contain a plethora of resources on short cuts for practically everything imaginable, even word search puzzles! Such books provide new strategies for solving the latest crossword conundrum. Readers learn new tips to incorporate with their knowledge and experience to discover more answers and solve problems more efficiently.

Dentists attending HDC's Excellence in Leadership program in December conducted searches of their own. While their answers were found in clinical and leadership topics as opposed to a grouping of letters, they may have found just what is needed to solve their own puzzle.

New York Invisalign provider Dr. David Galler kicked off the two-day event by offering tips and techniques for Invisalign proficiency. An Elite Provider based in Manhattan, Galler has been refining his own approach for nearly eight years. "The new age of cosmetic dentistry is here," Galler told the group. "With a simple piece of plastic, we can alter a patient's appearance and health for the better." His excitement about Invisalign was contagious, and by sharing past mistakes, Galler equipped doctors with the tools to succeed should they encounter similar problems. Regardless of the number of Invisalign cases they have already completed, dentists were reminded they possess the knowledge and ability to make an impact in 2012.

Best-selling author John Miller uncovered additional answers with a leadership message rooted in personal accountability. Miller calls it the "question behind the question," or QBQ. Miller challenged participants to ask better questions in order to eliminate common issues of victim thinking, blame and procrastination. Ultimately, he urged participants to take ownership of what they think and do. "It involves moment-by-moment disciplining of thoughts," Miller said. "I am today what I thought yesterday; and I am tomorrow what I think today." Miller regularly teaches that the QBQ is a tool for leaders of all levels. "It touches all areas of life," he said.

Dr. Bruce Baird of Granbury Dental Center in Texas provided a third opportunity to find answers. In his session, "The Productive Dentist," Baird delivered a message completely different than the typical philosophy of scheduling around time. Instead, he suggested scheduling around production. Baird supplied other principles of productivity to accompany this philosophical change including knowing overhead costs, creating raving fans and dedicating time and resources to team training.

Perhaps more valuable than a tip book to word search enthusiasts, HDC's most recent Excellence in Leadership provided valuable tools for dentists in their search for mastery and optimal patient care.