Common Myths about DSOs

The Misconceptions of DSOs and the Truth about HDC

In the eyes of some, dental service organizations are revolving doors, with new dentists and team members constantly rotating in and out. However, with a turnover rate of only 16 percent,  HDC is an ideal place to start a stable, long-term career in dentistry and dental office support. Affiliating dentists and team members are welcomed into a supportive, close-knit atmosphere built on leadership and teamwork.

Myth about DSOs

With HDC...

  • Affiliated offices are dentist-led: Dentists who affiliate with HDC are offered the chance to grow with their office and build rewarding careers based on their own individual goals and desires. Dentists have as much control over treatment planning as they would in their own private office. They make all decisions concerning their patients. In addition, they’re offered support and improvement strategies to become effective leaders. With HDC’s support, hundreds of dentists across the nation are enjoying the career stability they’ve always wanted.
  • Affiliated offices have a team-oriented mentality focused on personal and professional growth: As affiliated dentists are encouraged to become leaders, team members are encouraged to become leaders in their positions as well. From continuing education opportunities to leadership training, they’re offered the tools necessary to succeed in their roles and advance within the company. Affiliated offices operate with a team-focused mentality, allowing team members to accomplish goals together while supporting one another. This solidarity within HDC-affiliated offices creates an excellent environment for team members to build enjoyable, lasting careers.