From the Heart

Rick Workman, DMD
Rick Workman, DMD

Founder and CEO of Heartland Dental Care

A Message from Dr. Rick Workman, Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Now that 2013 is here, many exciting new initiatives, opportunities and goals await Heartland Dental Care. But before we move into the New Year, let’s take a moment to look at some of the incredible accomplishments we achieved in 2012.

Supporting dentists is a perennial goal here at HDC. In 2012, we expanded to new areas, extending the reach of HDC’s trademark support to new markets. We supported the opening of 15 new dental offices throughout the country, as well as affiliated with 42 new offices. In addition, we finalized details with Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, establishing them as investment partners. With Teachers’ as our partner, we’re in a position to spread our support even further.

Highlights of 2012
  • Supported the startup of 15 new dental offices
  • Affiliated with 42 new affiliated dental offices
  • Completed partnership with Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Implemented the Perfect Fit Selection Process for hiring
  • Broke ground on Home Office expansion

Another 2012 milestone, we implemented the Perfect Fit Selection Process when hiring team members. At HDC, we always look for ways to establish a win-win scenario with each new hire. Implementing the Perfect Fit process benefited our new employees and our company. The right match in 2012 paved a way for new employees to grow personally and professionally, and their success will fuel the future success of HDC.

In 2012, we also broke ground on a Home Office expansion that will increase square footage and create 150 new jobs in the coming years. By its completion, which is scheduled for this summer, the facility will double in size, from 40,000 to 80,000 square feet.

Last year was an amazing year for HDC! But with the hard work and dedication that every HDC team member gives, I know 2013 will be even better.