Common Myths about Dental Support Organizations

The misconceptions of DSOs and the truth about Heartland Dental.

For dentists, one of the most important aspects of practicing dentistry is the team around them. Without the full support of a trustworthy, enthusiastic team, dentists cannot be nearly as successful. Only when an office works together effectively can the best patient care be truly provided.

Common Myths

Heartland Dental recognizes the importance of team chemistry, and encourages affiliated dentists to take part in building and hiring their team as much as they would like to be involved. After all, they are the ones who will be leading those team members.

With Heartland Dental…

  • Affiliated dentists build their teams: When dentists and their team members communicate well and fully trust one another, they provide a higher level of care. In building their teams, affiliated dentists have the opportunity to choose team members who will be a perfect fit.
  • Affiliated dentists take the leadership role in their offices: Another great aspect of being a dentist is motivating and inspiring others. Whether it is having a regular morning huddle or simply providing encouragement throughout the day, affiliated dentists help their team members grow and develop.
  • Affiliated dentists make the decisions: Each Heartland Dental-affiliated office has several administrative figures that help support the day-to-day functions. They offer excellent support to alleviate many extra burdens; however affiliated dentists still make the final decisions, both clinically and in leading their team.

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