Heartland Dental Welcomes My Dentist

My Dentist

Aligned visions allow for affiliation between two leading dental support organizations.

At My Dentist, the mission has always been to better themselves in order to better others—whether employees, doctors or patients. Heartland Dental exists for the same reasons. This common goal, paired with a singular vision of doctor-led practices, created a natural connection between these industry leaders.

"It was a top priority for us to make certain we affiliated with a company that was aligned with our doctor-led vision." Dr. Jennifer Chambers

Dr. Jennifer Chambers
Chief Dental Director of My Dentist

My Dentist was founded by Dr. Pat Steffen in 1983. His passion for improving people's lives through exceptional patient care and customer service, and the exemplary way he delivered both, fueled the expansion of My Dentist throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states. At the time of Dr. Steffen's passing in 2012, My Dentist had 37 offices, including practices in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas and Missouri.

Kevin Offel became Dr. Steffen's successor as Chief Executive Officer and lead clinician, Dr. Jennifer Chambers, stepped into the Chief Dental Director position. Under their leadership, My Dentist has continued its growth to now include 55 offices as well as a more sophisticated infrastructure. Together with its affiliated dental practices, My Dentist has 805 employees, including 109 dentists and 71 hygienists.

The consistent focus throughout all of My Dentist remains the commitment to Complete Care Dentistry instituted by Dr. Steffen. My Dentist's idea of Complete Care Dentistry is perfectly in sync with the pledge to deliver Lifetime Dentistry at Heartland Dental's affiliated offices. Both organizations are empowered by the belief that through supporting affiliate dentists, a difference can truly be made in people's lives through oral health.

Both organizations consider their own successes byproducts of their doctors', a common thought that originally drew My Dentist to Heartland Dental. Dr. Chambers explained, "

"We are excited to have this opportunity to affiliate with such a significant group which is not only in our footprint, but also shares so many of our core values and beliefs," Dr. Rick Workman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Dental, added. "Heartland Dental is comprised of exceptionally talented individuals who are sincerely passionate about our company's vision. Similarly, the My Dentist team works tirelessly for the well-being of their doctors, patients and employees."

"With our Heartland Dental affiliation, we will enjoy enhanced opportunity to continue growing while providing strengthened support to our affiliated offices."Kevin Offel

Kevin Offel
Chief Executive Officer at My Dentist

Because of the shared visions, both parties believe that the affiliation will only strengthen their capabilities to be world-class leaders in dentistry and continue to provide unmatched business support to their affiliates.

Offel said, "With our Heartland Dental affiliation, we will enjoy enhanced opportunity to continue growing while providing strengthened support to our affiliated offices. Heartland Dental's ongoing commitment to clinical and leadership development for all team members is a cornerstone of how they operate and aligns perfectly with our joint vision of being a world-class company and leader in dentistry."

The opportunities for growth stemming from this affiliation are abounding. Coupled with Heartland Dental, My Dentist will carry on Dr. Steffen's legacy of Complete Care Dentistry to even more communities.

Heartland Dental recognizes the significance of this affiliation for its growth as well. Dr. Workman remarked, "The future is bright for My Dentist and Heartland Dental as we join together to support each other in becoming industry leaders. It's an honor that we will have them in our family."