New Brand, Same Vision

Motivational speaker and professional coach Bob Proctor, is known for saying, “It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” This statement perfectly describes the attitude and approach of Heartland Dental.

Patrick C. Bauer
President and Chief Operations Officer at Heartland Dental Care

Since it was created, Heartland Dental has sought to create positive change in dentistry, supporting affiliated dentists and team members as they build ideal careers. Through the years, we’ve made great strides in this mission, currently supporting over 500 affiliated dental offices. But we have never wanted to settle for the present. To reflect our commitment to continual progress, we are undergoing changes to the Heartland Dental brand, including our colors and logo.

We are now known simply as Heartland Dental. We made this change for several reasons. Our previous brand didn’t adequately explain to dentists and patients our company’s focus and purpose. It’s our mission to support affiliated dentists and dental team members with a full scope of non-clinical, administrative services as they deliver the highest quality dental care and experiences to the communities they serve. Our new brand better reflects this commitment to offering support to dentists and their teams. As we continue to grow and refine our processes, this new brand will help us send this message clearly.

Even though we have a refreshed logo and brand, our vision remains the same. We still offer affiliated dentists and team members non-clinical, administrative support such as accounting, marketing, information technology, supply procurement, payroll and human resources, as well as world-class continuing education, a vast network of dental professionals and mentors, state-of-the-art dental offices and proven strategies for operational efficiency.

I am proud of what we accomplished as Heartland Dental Care, and I look forward to taking new strides as Heartland Dental in the days and years ahead. You can read more about our brand revamp in this issue’s cover story.